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Say I Love You 9

We did it! We finished the Edit of Doom! And it only took us three days! And I think it turned out pretty good, so that's nice, too.

And now it's time for Review Rednesdays! Three of our translations were released this week, and we're having a hard time choosing which one to review today. Your Lie in April seems like the most popular, so it seems like that's the one we should give people time to read before posting a review. We also have Say I Love You 9 and the last volume of Let's Dance a Waltz, both of which are fairly popular, I think. So I guess you might have to just skip the review and come back later for...Say I Love You, because this one isn't the last volume.

Spoiler alert level: medium.

Well, I figured now is a good time to start our review of Say I Love You. 9, because we just finished it and it's totally fresh in our minds. But Lux Up Time starts at Kingdom Hearts [chi] in about five minutes, so the odds of stopping the review and finishing it later are high.

Anyway, first of all, there was the Megumi/Yamato date. At first, it was kind of like, "Whyyyyyy?", especially because Mei was like, "I have to let him go or I'll never move forward!" Just the fact that he's even wanting to go on the date at all is a red flag. But then I thought about it more and talked it over with Athena, and realized that he wasn't going on it because he wanted to so much as because he felt like he was required to for whatever reason, and Mei could see that the last time he checked to make sure she was really okay with it, so it was all okay. And then when the date was over and Yamato wanted to see Mei so badly, it was super cute. I'm not sure how I feel about the bear he bought her, though.

And now Megumi is finally(?) 100% done with Yamato, and I think that will be nice. I mean, I thought she had given up on him volumes ago, but it just kept going for some reason. So now we're all going to be moving on.

After that, it mostly focused on Daichi and his angst. This part got kind of annoying to translate, because there was a lot of narration and philosophizing about feelings and stuff. We don't have time to think about how to word that stuff! We have a million other deadlines! ...Actually, it didn't take that long--we only had to take a couple of hours on a Saturday to finish it. But there was kind of a "tell-not-show" vibe going on, which made it a little tedious anyway.

And Daichi's whole blaming himself thing. I understand that that's how people are, so I don't want to get mad at him about it, but I do want to just say once, "Really? You think cutting her hair made that person run a red light?" People. On the other hand, having been in a situation where I lost someone I cared about (my cat ;_;), I know how easy it is to blame yourself for the tiniest, most nonsensical thing.

The real enigma in all of this is Kyoko. First of all, if you want him to cut your hair that badly, why don't you let it grow out first? And secondly, don't you have any other friends? Why are you going to a random high school girl with all your problems? Well, of course we all know the answer to that. Mei has magical shojo manga powers, and anybody who knows anything knows that she is the key to solving all problems. (I hope you read that in a cheerful, joking tone, and not a grumpy, annoyed tone.)

That's not to say that I don't like Mei or anything. In fact, I think she says a lot of things that people could stand to learn. But she does act like a magical shojo manga heroine.

I feel like I had a few other things to say, but we did take a break in the middle of writing this review, and now I've lost my train of thought.

Kanae Hazuki apologizes for the fantasy elements in this volume, but we liked them well enough. Although of course, we did have a similar reaction when Kosei started talking to that cat in Your Lie in April--have you considered therapy?

This volume was kind of hard to work on, because we've been getting so burned out. So there are a lot of places where I wonder if maybe we could have done better, but I figured it was good enough because I was too tired to do anything else. Also, there's one line specifically that I know sounds weird, but it's a speech quirk that I personally use all the time (Daichi says something along the lines of, "I'm like, 'get somebody else to do it!'"), so I kind of wanted to leave it for that reason, and I kind of wanted to leave it because it was pretty close to how it was in the Japanese and because of tired.

Actually, the characters in this series quote things like that all the time, but it doesn't happen that much in American entertainment, so we tone it down some. Another, non-toned-down example is when Mei is explaining how Daichi's listening to people is different than a typical, non-personal hairstylist.

I think that covers our thoughts on this volume, but as always, comments and questions are welcome!

Wow, reading that made me tired. (Not because of the content of the manga, but because I talk about how tired we were when we worked on that, and we just worked overtime today. We've managed to recuperate some since that volume of Say I Love You, but we're still very busy bees.)

Today I'm thankful for finishing the Edit of Doom, the Edit of Doom being fun so it wasn't quite so doomful, the hope of maybe actually meeting our deadline for Your Lie in April (though we shouldn't count on it; but at least we'll have more time to work on it than we planned for!), having two fans to help us beat the heat, and semi-randomly coming across reports of Noragami events (don't let me forget to post about that!).
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