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We just have a minor rant about that thing on Facebook everybody's posting that supposedly tells the origin of your name. The first time we saw it, the comment to go with it was something like, "I'll take it!", indicating the poster knew it was just a silly gag thing, but then people kept posting it like they thought it was real. Some people obviously got that it wasn't, but man. We thought about posting it ourselves and saying, "As linguists, we find this offensive." But mostly we were just consternated...wait, I looked that up and it indicates a more terrified version of confused. So mostly we were just puzzled.

It was like, "Wait, don't you guys just have baby name books lying around your house that you randomly browse?" We don't, but we did when we were kids. Our baby sister was born when we were seven, so it makes sense that we'd have one around. Athena just said, "We always did have dreams of writing stories, but I don't think that's why we looked at those books." Nope. It was just because we found it fascinating, so we guess we were just always destined to become linguists. So like, if somebody named Julie posted that Facebook thing, we'd be like, "Doesn't everybody just know that that's related to Julius Caesar's name, so obviously it's from Latin?" So I guess it was just a bit of a culture shock. In addition to just being fascinated with names, people have been asking about the origins of my name since I can remember, so it's strange and unusual to us that people would be grown adults and not already know what their first name means. But I guess we just need to check our educated privilege and move on.

So let's move on to the more important part of this post. This last week has been very busy activity-wise and emotion-wise, and one of the things that happened that I have yet to post about is that we confronted our arrogant friend about the comment he made about how he could probably translate better than we could. It took him a second to remember that he said that (which we expected, because he did almost seem to say it in passing), but then he confirmed that he was, in fact, joking. He seemed genuinely stunned that we took it seriously, and the only thing we can figure is that, since the exchange happened late at night, he was too tired to use the proper joking intonation and we were too tired to assume it was implied.

And when I type it all up like that, it sounds like, "Hello? He's obviously making excuses after the fact," but he did apologize, and go on to talk about why he's convinced we must be very good translators despite the fact that he's never read any of our translations (it's okay; most of our friends and family haven't (okay in the "I've resigned myself to it" sense)). So I thought it would be unfair of me, after coming onto LJ and destroying his image, to not come back and clear his name. Especially because he did say he was sorry, and it was sincere, and I cannot stress enough the importance of sincerely saying those words to someone.

So there you have it. It's just like Susan Roman said at Anime Expo 2014--talk things over with your friends, because usually they didn't mean to hurt you, and if they really care about you, you can clear it all up.

Today I'm thankful for getting some tasty chocolate muffins at Bread Day today, the choir performance going really well, clearing up misunderstandings with friends, fun with words, and the kids in Primary liking Singing Time today (which was sadly a little short because Sharing Time went a little long).
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