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I did not mean to disappear today. I was fully intending to type up a report about our day at Disneyland yesterday. But there were some things that might take a lot of talking about, and we got sidetracked. We were just finishing up our translation of Devil Survivor 2 today, when we came across a significant term and wanted to check it in the game for consistency. So we kept playing and playing and finally got to the part where they we figured they would tell us what it was...and they didn't. And we don't know when they're going to tell us what it is, so we decided to just turn in what we have and hope we get to that part before volume two goes to print.

But! by the time we got through all that, it was time to do our workout and then order an emergency pizza. We need to stop expending so much energy when we go to Disneyland. And after pizza, we watched Snow White with the Red Hair because we needed more time to not be sitting up, and then we read through our translation a third time. Now it's all set to go, and we are tired. So we're going to go watch Arslan and hope we don't fall asleep, and then go to bed early.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation, getting to spend time on workreation, the hope of catching up on our anime viewing at some point (we still have Sailor Moon to get to; why is all our anime on Mondays?), the very yummy pizza we had for dinner, and today's workout not being too too hard.
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