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Of course there's a big discussion on translation quality going on on a day when we're super busy and don't have time to say anything about it. You may have noticed we haven't taken time to respond to comments on our own LJ about translation, either. But I admit, I do feel a little smug saying, "Look, some of you have time to argue about translation quality. We're too busy actually translating stuff." (As if we didn't wish that we had time to argue about it instead sometimes.)

Rest assured, we will be saying things about it tomorrow.

But for today! a quick rundown of what we did. First, we worked. Tadah! Then we had a super early dinner because there was a Relief Society activity tonight and those tend to happen at about our dinner time. They usually serve dinner, but we usually don't want to eat it. For some reason they never have pizza. It's weird.

Then we did our workout, during which I must have stepped on a bug or something, because it bit me. And finally, we did something entirely unnecessary but that I really really really wanted to do anyway: we put stickers on our fingernails. ...I mean, we applied Jamberry nail wraps. And why was I so insistent on doing it today? Because they have these super cute ones that look like beetle shells, and these other super cute ones that look like butterfly wings, and we have big green beetles and butterflies all over the place in the summer, and we thought they were so apropos to our home in Southern California, so I really wanted to make sure to apply them before the summer was over, and it's Auguest! And we kept meaning to apply them, but we usually only have time on Sundays (or in the evenings when we're playing video games; that's important business) only we didn't have time these last couple of Sundays.

And since today was the Relief Society activity, it was the one time I felt like we'd actually be going somewhere where people would be able to see them and we could show them off, which is silly, because usually the Primary kids who see them on Sundays notice them and care more anyway, but still. So we applied the nail wraps and they're super cute and I love them! But then we didn't have time for anything else, so we went to the activity.

And the activity had super delicious cookies! It also had some talks about the Church's Addiction Recovery Program, including a testimonial from a woman who's not LDS who says it works really well. And it ended with the guy who's in charge of the program in our stake giving us an overview of the twelve steps and pointing out that they can help anyone to be better, whether they're addicted to something or not! And I felt like that makes a lot of sense, because we all have our little pet sins that we have a hard time giving up. So I think we might be checking out the manual for it later, and maybe we can kick this habit of spending all our time ranting about the things that annoy us.

And now it's time to play Ace Attorney or watch Freakazoid!.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of Devil Survivor today, finally having time to apply Jamberries, super cute insect-inspired fingernail stickers, the delicious cookies they had at the activity, and getting a ride home from the activity.
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