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It's time for another Anime Expo photo post! This is actually the last batch of pictures, so it will also be the last Anime Expo photo post for 2015. There are a couple of pictures we didn't post, though, like we took a picture of the display at the Koei-Tecmo booth, because they were advertising a game that we think we translated. (Why am I not sure? I'm not sure. I guess we're still not sure the whole "video game translation" thing isn't a dream. And this particular game came out so fast after we supposedly translated it that it's extremely difficult for us to believe.) That game...probably needs a whole post to itself.

Anyway, here it is! The last batch of pictures!

Starting with...
...more Type-0 cosplayers! I think I already said we took pictures of all the Type-0 cosplayers we came across.

More magical boy anime cosplay. I think we got all of them except green. It would have been nice to get the student council, too. Maybe they were there and we just didn't see them.
Or maybe we did see them and didn't recognize them!

More Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay for our friend who hasn't seen it all done to death yet.

Neither of us had any idea who this guy is, but the way he was just sitting there, chilling at his little campfire, made us want to take a picture anyway. That's very unusual for us; I don't think we've ever taken a picture of a character we don't know just because the costume impressed us...but maybe? Anyway, the key is in the attitude.

And Link and Link and Link and...however many Links there are in this chain. (See what I did there? Ah? Aaaahh?) Neither of us can remember why we took this picture. Maybe it was like the one year there were a bunch of different colored Chun Lis going around.

Now that we have such a close connection(?) to the Persona games, we had to photograph some of those characters!
...Of course, we saw a bunch of the protagonists of both Persona 3 and 4 and didn't bother taking pictures. There were also a few Naotos, and some Yosukes...and I have to admit I probably saw a few Yosukes that I didn't recognize ("Oh, there's a guy in headphones. It seems familiar somehow...") before I finally clued in to that's who it was. I might have taken a picture then, but he was down on the street below and we were on the second floor, waiting in line for the photo scavenger hunt (which we didn't end up participating in). And there was a really cool Matador that we saw wandering around, and I never got his picture either. So why this group? Possibly because I stopped and asked to confirm that they were who I thought they were, and whenever I do that, I like to take a picture to give further validation.

This is the first and only Wasabi we saw during the whole convention. I think it's also the only supersuit Hiro, but I could be wrong.

Speaking of seeing people in costumes that we were familiar with but didn't recognize, before we ran into this pair of cosplayers, we had had a discussion about the fact that we had seen some new cosplay-worthy anime recently, but we might not recognize the costumes, because everything happens in such a blur we can't register everything in our memories very well all the time. Titles like Gugure! Kokkuri-san and the Heroic Legend of Arslan came up.
Then we saw her and her male companion, and I noticed the armband. I thought it might be another member of S.E.E.S. from Persona 3, but I kept straining to make out the writing on the armband as we walked by (trying to find the location for a panel or something) until I realized it was the fancy kanji for dog. This was Inugami! Our favorite character from Kokkuri-san! (Female version is played by the same actress who plays Yona, incidentally.)

And they had him in both genders!! And both of them had such great poses! It was awesome.
We asked them if they'd seen any other Kokkuri-san cosplayers, and I think they said they saw the tanuki (was his name Shigaraki...? y'know, for liking the series so much, we remember an awful little about it). Later, we were waiting for the shuttle to leave and I saw a girl walk by dressed as the nekomata. Of course I would have gotten her picture if we weren't already in the shuttle.

We can't resist photographing people from Final Fantasy IX, still the best Final Fantasy ever (other than Type-0).

Here's another picture that we're not sure why we took it. We think we just ran into them posing in the dealers' room and thought, "That's cool. *click*"

This one's the best!
A very appropriate July 4th anime con costume.

We didn't recognize this group until we heard some other people in line (for the photo scavenger hunt) talking about them. Athena was like, "Argh, I knew I recognized those SSS insignia!!" (more a reference to having seen the insignia on other costumes throughout the convention).
Anyway, this is the main group from Angel Beats, which is a very fun, very heartwarming anime that we would recommend to everybody. It's, it's complicated. Just go watch it!

Speaking of the best Final Fantasy ever, here's our favorite Final Fantasy character ever! (other than Ace)

Oh my gosh, it's Pence!
And he has sea salt ice cream!

This is some fancy cotton candy we bought at the convention.
We saw people walking around with unusually-shaped cotton candy, so we had to go try it for ourselves! Taste-wise, it actually wasn't so great, but it sure was pretty!

And finally, one more Type-0 cosplayer for the road.
(Incidentally, this is Cinque, the cute girly character who likes to bludgeon her enemies with a giant mace. Athena remembers talking about Type-0 and saying (this is a paraphrase, because it was a long time ago and no one remembers exactly), "Eight fights with his fists, because he thinks if he's going to beat someone up, it should hurt. Cinque fights with a mace for...the same reason." (For clarity, Eight thinks it should hurt him, too, out of like an empathy thing. Cinque not so much.)

Today I'm thankful for all the great cosplay we saw at Anime Expo, getting to listen to our Wagakki Disney CD, having what felt like a somewhat productive choir practice, having plans to watch more My Little Pony tonight, and still having ice cream.
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