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Being optimistic...

So far, today has been a good day in that our heater is officially working (when the guys came the other day, they fixed it temporarily until they had a chance to get up to the roof to really fix it) and that we finally got our checks from TokyoPop. The scary thing is those are the last checks we'll be getting from TokyoPop until February, and they might just cover rent, bills, and groceries for this month. Still, we have time to get money from other sources, so it's too early to panic yet. Maybe the other two companies that have contacted us will get things for us to work on, and maybe they'll have shorter pay periods.

In the meantime, we may have to look for alternative methods of getting paid, like selling a kidney on eBay or getting a "real" job (at, say, the 99cents Only store). My biggest concern right now is that we don't have any money to buy Christmas presents at all. The general solution to that would be to make things, but we don't have anything to make anything with. Except a ton of fabric, but I don't know how to make real clothes, nor do I have any fashion sense. And I kind of get the feeling that trying to make clothes for Sarah and Aurora with my complete lack of fashion sense would only result in disaster. This will take some creativity... we'll see how much of that we have.

Still, there's a few weeks left before Christmas. You never know what could happen. And today I'm thankful for getting checks in the mail, the ability to buy groceries, the neat little newsletter from our apartment management, hiragana, and katakana.
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