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Pururun pururun pururun-run!

Today we avoided our e-mail. Why? Because we were afraid of hearing back from that one company. There's no real reason for this, since anything we heard from them would probably be good. We were just afraid we'd been a bit too much of a hassle and not apologetic enough about it.

But as we were avoiding our e-mail, Athena checked our snail mail, because we should be getting a check soon and we really, really, really need it. Sadly, we did not get a check. But we did get the second part of a survey I took because they called and I somehow always feel like I have nothing but free time, when that is getting to be less and less the case. At any rate, I figure it's good to be nice and let the survey people do their job, since they're not really trying to sell me anything I don't want and can't afford (at least not directly).

So I took the phone survey, and today they sent the booklet survey (complete with a TV diary!) along with seven whole dollars cash as a thank you for taking the survey. And I'm not being sarcastic about the seven dollars, because on the phone, the guy told me it would probably be more like three. And this is a very good thing, because it means we can go to the 99cents Only store and not have to pay all in quarters (quarters that should be going to laundry). And thus we will survive until our next check comes. We hope. At any rate, we know that the Lord is looking out for us.

When we were done taking the survey, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and check our e-mail. And, not only were there not any scary e-mails from the new manga company, but there was an email from our boss at TokyoPop. Anything from our boss at TokyoPop with the subject "New Translations" is probably very good news. This time it most definitely was, as she offered us not one, but two new titles! Eeee! And one of them is a series we've been interested in reading but thought we wouldn't get the chance until maybe someday we were living in Japan and saw it for 50yen a volume at the used book store. If anything goes for 50yen. We don't know these things.

At first we were a little incredulous, because in the past, our old boss had given us an option of two serieses but we could only have one because other people needed work too. So we asked, "Really, can we have both of them?" and apparently we can! So the Twins are very happy right now.

So today I am very, very, very thankful for new titles to translate, nice survey people, having money to live off of, being able to work for TokyoPop, and corn meal. And speaking of corn meal, there was a small tear in the little bag inside the box of corn muffin mix, and we don't know why it was there, so in case we disappear, it might be that there was some slow-working poison in the corn muffins.
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