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Alethea & Athena
Anime Expo pics part three 
2nd-Aug-2015 05:08 pm
It's Sunday, and you know what that means! More Anime Expo pictures!

Starting off with Deuce and Eight from Final Fantasy Type-0. Deuce is one of my favorite female characters in the game, and I especially like her cape.

This was the sign we saw at a booth advertising their grab bags. Almost every booth has grab bags, and we love that kind of thing, so we were probably doomed going to buy one anyway, but this one turned out to be the winner, partly because of this sign. You may notice above the sign a plush capybara, and we now deeply regret not buying one.

The sign for the grab bag was referencing Kamina from Gurren Lagann, whose symbol, as you can see, is prominently displayed on the bag itself. His whole thing about "don't believe in yourself; believe in me, and I believe in you" is what got us hooked on Gurren Lagann to begin with.

I feel a little bit bad because we're not 100% sure this is who we think it is. We think it's Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist. ...Okay, a quick Google search confirms. It's amazing how a few seconds on the internet can really keep you from embarrassing yourself.

This was our favorite Yona group, because it has Gija, who is our favorite. If you click to get the full-sized version, check out the trim on that Gija costume, because it's super elaborate. She probably bought it like that (at least, I would have), but we know sometimes cosplayers don't.
Also, Yona's hair was super cute.

We figured we ought to get some pictures of us in our Polar Bear's Cafe costumes. Tadah.


Another Danny Phantom! I don't believe it! In all our AX experience, the only Danny Phantom cosplayer we'd seen before was an Ember back at one of the Anaheim Anime Expos (and we didn't get her picture because I think we saw her from our hotel room window).
Later we even saw a guy cosplaying Danny Phantom, but I didn't get his picture because it shocked me so much, not because it was a guy as Danny Phantom, but because his costume was kind of like a hybrid Danny Phantom & Spider-Man? costume, and I was just too confused. Later I was like, "Who cares!? That was the Danny Phantom logo without a doubt!" But we didn't see him again, so I'm not entirely convinced it wasn't a figment of our imaginations.

Nine and Rem, also from Type-0.

Kamigami no Asobi! Aaaaaaaahhh!!!
Athena spotted Thoth first and then we realized they had a whole group. Their Anubis was so perfect! (Well, except that Anubis is actually among the taller of the characters, but you can't always be picky about height when cosplaying. You'll never get to be your favorite character that way.) Just now we thought, "Let us join you! We'll be Loki and Balder!" Even if Balder is a Creepy Creeper McCreeperson.

They asked for our picture (by this time we had changed back into our Donald and Goofy costumes because we were tired of being unrecognized. Athena says, "We just felt more comfortable that way. And loved. We felt more comfortable and loved."), so we took their picture, too! Despite all the Kingdom Hearts cosplay (and it is rampant), I don't think we often see a group of Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

I think we mentioned this in a previous post, but Anime Expo has a cosplay area with sets for photo shoots. When we caught the KamiAso group earlier, they were waiting in line to use the classroom set.

We kept wanting to jump in and say, "Now get one like this!" ...And we tried.

But we didn't want to be too pushy.

We did suggest them getting a picture with Anubis hiding under a desk, and they seemed to like that idea, except that Anubis seemed to have some qualms, possibly about the effects crouching on the floor might have on her costume. So what are you gonna do?
I do think they should have gotten a picture with Apollo being super eager to answer every question. And one of Hades trying to meld into his book in an attempt to hide (he's afraid of people like Anubis, but in a more "aware of how people actually act in society" kind of way). But they did have Tsukito taking notes on everything, so that's good.

Sice was a pretty popular Type-0 cosplay. She's a fun character, so we can see why.

More from the Magical Boy anime.

Daikoku!!! I mentioned before that we saw a fair amount of Kofukus, but this is the only Daikoku we saw. And they're such a cute couple!

This is an example of how I don't always wait until the cosplayer is ready before I take the picture. Eh heh.

But anyway, this is Mikumo from Ace Attorney Investigations. I think her American name is Kay Faraday, but we didn't play that game in English, thus contributing to its lack of sales, which is why Ace Attorney Investigations 2 never made it overseas (which is a shame, because it's a great game (*whap*)).

And that concludes this week's installment. Next week will be our last one, but if you ask real nice (or if I feel like it), we might post some of the Disneyland pictures that have been hiding on our hard drive unshared. (Why would you care? ...I don't know; I don't remember what they're pictures of. That's not true. I have a bunch of Christmas pictures, maybe some Halloween ones, and a bazillion (mostly looking the same) from the Lunar New Year celebration.)

Today I'm thankful for Ace Attorney cosplayers (they seem to be the nicest cosplayers every time we meet any), getting to be there for the KamiAso photo shoot, new episodes of My Little Pony on Netflix, singing time being relatively successful today (I've decided that teaching children is an exercise in futility, but the kids who actually sing did learn the first verse of "I Feel My Savior's Love"), and this really fun Arabian Coast music on our Tokyo DisneySea Music Album.
2nd-Aug-2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
Ahhhhh I can't click to get a full-size version of the Yona group!! But they all look amazing from the regular-size photo. (Yun's hair colour is not what I would have expected, though.)

Kofuku and Daikoku!!! Awwwww♥♥♥

And yay for your Polar Bear and Grizzly costumes!! I think Polar Bear looks pretty recognizable. (...I may not have watched enough of the show to see Grizzly, apologies.) Maybe the people who recognized you were just shy, and maybe you inspired some subconscious desire in others to go seek out this mysterious anime that has people dressing up as bears :)
2nd-Aug-2015 10:55 pm (UTC)
Oh no! When posting pictures to LJ they usually give me the option of including a link to a full-sized version, and I've been checking the box for that option, but I guess I forgot to for this entry! We fixed it for that one picture. If there are any others you want to see full-sized, let us know!

I know, they're so cute!!

Grizzly shows up in episode five, which we will always remember, because it's the episode where they changed the ending theme away from Bamboo Scramble, which made us very sad. (They changed it to Grizzly Rock, which is a fun song (especially the full-sized version, where Grizzly make deep philosophical(?) comments), but doesn't have nearly as fun an ending sequence.) I was lacking in some key Grizzly accessories, but we think ultimately the problem is that Polar Bear's Cafe ended a long time ago and has faded from people's memories. Maybe if we'd had a bigger group...
3rd-Aug-2015 08:43 am (UTC)
Thaaaaank you :D (ooh, Yona's top has a pattern on it too, nice!)
3rd-Aug-2015 09:46 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!
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