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Well, here it is Saturday afternoon and I'm out of things to write about. Even after our cathartic post on Thursday, the incident with our friend is still taking up most of our mental energy. Or mine, anyway. Athena tells me she's mostly thinking about Singing Time, which makes sense because she has to run Singing Time in Primary tomorrow.

As for me, there was a time when we were walking along Downtown Disney with Gaston and somebody said something about closure, and I made a comment about it that I don't remember, and Gaston was all, "Do I sense some bitterness?" Yes, because we rarely get closure, and so we tend to dwell on them until we find a sufficient distraction. We might get one soon enough, though, because! we ordered season two of Freakazoid! on Amazon last week. And there are new episodes of My Little Pony on Netflix.

Oh, speaking of Netflix. We discovered that Netflix is licensing anime, and that's why we haven't been able to watch Seven Deadly Sins. That fact was driving us nuts because it seemed to be fairly popular in Japan and the manga seems to be doing well here (although I'm not sure why, because I can't remember where I would have read anything about it one way or the other), and it has our beloved favorite voice actor so why oh why oh WHY can't we watch it!? Apparently because Netflix has it, and if the one series that they've already licensed and released is any indication, they won't let anyone watch it until they've finished dubbing it. To that I say, "Boo!" But I least I know we'll get to watch Seven Deadly Sins eventually.

In the meantime, since some of our friends only watch anime on Netflix, we want to encourage Netflix to get more anime that isn't too dark or ecchi, so we started watching Knights of Sidonia. The only problem is so far it's boring. But it's kind of a mecha series, and mecha series sometimes take a little time to pick up speed, so we're still giving it a chance. And the main character is played by Ryota Osaka, who apparently is in everything lately. He played the friend in My Little Monster and now is starring in everything, and Nobunaga Shimazaki played the friend in Say I Love You and now is starring in everything, so apparently the key to success for male seiyuu is to play the friend in a popular shoujo series.

Today I'm thankful for donuts being on sale, Baked Ruffles being on sale, hope of getting to watch Seven Deadly Sins eventually, Page finding a new favorite spot, and the cute little bird we saw on our way to the grocery store today.
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