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Thanks everybody!

We're back in the game! I know we thanked everybody individually, but we want to thank everybody for all the supportive comments on yesterday's post. (And if the words "thank you" somehow escaped our comment to you, let us say that now. Thank you!) As I'm sure you all gathered, we were feeling more than a little crummy yesterday, but it's amazing what a little validation can do! I think I was meaning to say this yesterday, but one of the reasons we decided to post about it on the internet was that LiveJournal is where most of our friends are who understand our professional life and activities. Thanks for being here, and thanks for your support!

So we're feeling a lot better now, but still unmotivated to do our job because it's hot and we're exhausted from all the everything. But! we finished our translation and we don't have to work on it tomorrow! Yay! (We do have to turn it in tomorrow, though, because we forgot to do some paperwork and we didn't want to deal with it today.)

Anyway, because there's so little time left on these things, we wanted to mention some Kickstarter projects that have caught our attention. It's funny, the littlest thing on the internet can lead to us spending more money than we probably should. But first, umadoshi posted some links that pointed us in the direction of this save the kimono artisans fashion show. (There's less than two hours left as of this writing, so if you want to back it, you better psychically know to read this before the time is up and hurry!) Apparently kimonos are a dying art, and we want them to not die!

Second, we were on Facebook and Anime Expo posted something about this Red Ash project, which we wouldn't have cared that much about until AX said that our beloved favorite voice actor will be starring in it. Knowing that this anime studio has close ties to Anime Expo, our thinking is, "Back it so they can make it and then bring Yuuki Kaji to Anime Expo!!!!"

Finally, there's this Sparkler Monthly Magazine project, which involves people we know and supports women in the publishing industry.

So if any strike your fancy (and you make it in time), then go help! And if they don't, just go give a dollar or two to Red Ash so they can maybe bring Kaji-kun to AX.

Today I'm thankful for all the love and support we've received from our friends, having a lovely chat with our little sister, finishing that translation, Page coming back after a stubborn retreat into the bushes (we think she got scared after the front door accidentally closed), and the chance to help artists accomplish their goals.
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