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My Little Monster volume 9

Good thing it's Wednesday, or we'd probably type up a rant about how we hate the world right now. Yesterday was a little rougher than expected. But it is Wednesday, so now we have a review! And we decided to go with My Little Monster 9, because that one has a better chance of cheering us up as we reread it to check for typos.

Spoiler threat level: pretty high

Now that Yamaken has confessed his love to Shizuku, the one love confession we're waiting for is Sasayan's. So when we read the table of contents and saw a chapter called "Sasayan-kun and Natsume-san," we were all, "OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!" Like back when you were a kid and your parents would kiss in front of you, and you'd be all, "OOOOOOHHHH!!!" We were pretty excited.

But first they had to finish the summer vacation stuff, where Yuzan continued to torture us nonstop by constantly eating yummy-looking sweets! And we were tired and stressed when we worked on this volume, so his flaunting of desserts when we were in desperate need of sugar only made us more angry. We were frequently declaring our hatred for Yuzan, even though we like him pretty well as a character.

Just a little thing, but when it showed the stamp rally map up close and it had the thing about fabulous prizes, we were endlessly amused by the part that said, "It's jam!!" We don't even like jam, but it was heart-warming.

And the fountain! Iyo and Asako and Sasayan were all at the fountain, and in the middle of their conversation, we had to translate a sound effect, "dobooon." It was just like a background sound effect--nobody commented on anything that might have caused it, it was like ambient noise and nothing else. But it usually translates to "sploosh." So I translated it that way, and Athena was like, "But there's no splash there, and they're not commenting on anyone falling in the fountain or anything, and everybody's dry in the next panel and the next two pages.

So we changed the sound effect, and then on the third page after the sound effect, Haru and Yamaken jumped out of the fountain! And we were like, "Oh. I guess it was a sploosh after all."

And now we're back to talking about Sasayan and Asako, and what the heck Sasayan, why are you all denying it and stuff? You totally like her! There have been way too many flags for you not to like her. We still had hope, though, because he never actually denied it.

Then finally, he admits it, but it was so smooth, like almost in passing. Well, that's Sasayan for you. It was funny how he was like, "Yeah, just whatever. We can be friends for now." It was especially funny for us, because it was about that point that all the characters started looking tired all the time, and WE were tired all the time, too! So it was like...we were the same. Or something.

And then we have Haru and Shizuku talking about their post-high school plans. They're so them. It's like they're perfect for each other. I do feel bad for Yamaken, though.

Aww, I kind of wish that review was longer. But it was fun anyway. I think I feel a little tiny bit better.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the draft that we're working on, having plans to watch Noragami today, having plenty of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches left to watch, having Tokyo DisneySea CD Albums to cheer ourselves up with, and Mamoru Miyano posting an adorable picture of Yuuki Kaji on his blog today.
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