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More from Anime Expo

Well, it's Sunday, and for some reason I have decided that Sunday is the day for posting Anime Expo pics. Maybe because that's the day I can put in the Tokyo DisneySea Music Album without having to worry about how long it is.

Anyway, let's get started!

First, we have Hope from Final Fantasy XIII. We liked Hope well enough when we played the game, especially because his English dub voice was really good (and we'd seen him in Everybody Hates Chris and really liked his character; he also plays Phineas in Phineas and Ferb), but we didn't really care about his Japanese voice. But then his Japanese voice was Yuuki Kaji. It always was, but we didn't always care about him. And then we did, like a lot. And Hope became our favoritest favorite Final Fantasy XIII character. He was anyway (I mean, you have to keep Hope alive), but not to the point of gasping loudly when we saw him. And then putting down my pizza so I can run and get a picture.

This is the first Honey Lemon we saw in her supersuit.

I don't think this is the first Emperor Kuzco we saw, so I'm not sure why I asked for her picture, but I'm glad we did, because she did the pose!

These characters are from The World Ends with You. The one on the right was a little sad because no one recognizes her unless she's with the Shiki on the left. I could have told her that that's because her character only shows up very rarely, but instead I told her about Gaston's troubles cosplaying the Tramp with our Lady and the Tramp group.

This was our favorite Hiro of the whole convention, except maybe the one in the supersuit we have a picture of later.

Ace! Ace Ace Ace Ace Ace Ace Ace Ace Ace!!!
Athena saw him when I was distracted looking at cosplayers across the street, so she had to physically grab me and redirect me so I would be facing in the right direction. In case you haven't figured it out, Ace is the main character in Type-0, and I bet you can guess who plays him, too! One of his companions informed us that they had all of Class Zero (except for Machina, to which our response was, "Pfft, Machina.") and that they were going to be doing a photo shoot later, but alas, we had plans elsewhere. But Ace is our favorite, so at least it wasn't a total bust.

We've seen many a Phoenix Wright cosplayer at Anime Expo, but I had to get a picture of this guy because he was the first one I'd ever seen with the grooves in the hair. His choice of Phoenix costume wasn't bad either. I didn't know before I took the picture, but he does the pose pretty well, too.

A very cool Yokai from Big Hero 6. He was just standing there by the escalator. I don't know why it always surprises me when cosplayers do the cool poses, but it's always a pleasant surprise.

The second cutest couple from Teen Titans. (The cutest, of course, being Robin and Starfire.)

The first GoGo we saw was in line to the Big Hero 6 panel!

Bet you can guess who this is!
If you guessed Naru from Barakamon, you're right! Athena spotted her in the dealers' hall and had to think for a second. "The hair...the butterfly net... Barakamon!" Then she started our, "Hey, you need to get a picture!" ritual, which I can't really describe because it's always such a heated moment. Anyway, this cosplayer was very very happy that we recognized her. She said it's hard not being recognized, and we, in our Polar Bear and Grizzly costumes, could relate all too well. Familiar character or not, she was super adorable.

You know, I'm not really sure how to spell this characters' name. Serah? It's pronounced Sarah. She's from Final Fantasy XIII.

This is the only Yukine we've seen in the robe instead of the actual clothes he wears. Weird, I know.

After we found out that the Shipleys did the subtitles for the Magical Boy anime, we started photographing cosplayers from it. We'd seen one before this, and it was the same character but in the school uniform. I think I saw her (or someone in the same costume) a few times, and it was driving me nuts because I recognized the headband but I couldn't figure out where from until I asked. Then we saw this cosplayer.

This was a display at...some company that does Puzzle & Dragon's booth. I took a picture of it because it looks just like the game screen only in 3D! We don't spend any time playing Puzzle & Dragons, but we did download it, and we would play it with our dear nephew. He liked to go through the first labyrinth and beat the robot at the end.

Found some more Yona cosplayers. (By which I mean cosplaying the Yona anime, not Yona herself.)

I guess I can't just see a Godot (Ace Attorney) and not take a picture. Francisca was great, too, and she seemed to be really excited at the idea of getting together with more Ace Attorney cosplayers. We told her we've thought of cosplaying it ourselves, and she said, "You should!"

I think we were walking through here right after a Final Fantasy gathering. Here's Cactuar versus Ifrit.


And Sazh, another Final Fantasy XIII character. I think he had a chocobo chick in his hair, as Sazh does, but you can't tell in this picture, so now we only have my and Athena's hazy memories.

And that concludes another batch of Anime Expo pictures. We commented recently to a friend that there's nothing to make you feel inadequate as a cosplayer like a trip to Anime Expo, and the friend defiantly suggested that that's just because they all buy their costumes. (Said friend has never been to Anime Expo.) We were indignant enough that we considered taking the matter up at Facebook and having all our cosplayer friends let that friend know what's what, but we're just not that motivated. Anyway, I think a good deal of these costumes were made by the wearers, or at least close friends of theirs.

Today I'm thankful for all the Type-0 cosplayers, getting to listen to Compass of Your Heart again (it simultaneous makes us feel like we must go to Japan, but are afraid to do so), getting a ride home from church today after sending our original ride home because we had choir practice and he didn't, adorable Barakamon cosplayers, and getting to take home some lemon cake thingies from Bread Day.
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