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The dangers of the Amazon

The problem with only ordering from Amazon Japan when we really really want something is that then Amazon Japan knows what we really really want. And then they send us emails saying, "Hey, you really really wanted that. Did you know we have this related product? Just thought you'd like to know."

In our latest Amazon Japan temptation, we got a notification about Noragami Blu-rays. We tend to ignore those, because hey, Noragami's on Netflix. We can watch it whenever we want. And if Netflix drops it, we can still get it from Funimation for a heck of a lot less money. This particular email mentioned the limited edition of Blu-ray volume three, which comes with a CD. Those usually don't sway us too much, either, because we like CD dramas well enough--they can be a lot of fun!--but there are just so many of them that if we tried to collect all of them, we probably wouldn't be able to eat. (Do you have any idea how many Saiyuki CD dramas there are?) And who has time to listen to them, anyway? (Somebody who has a job that doesn't require intense focus on words other than the ones in the CD drama.)

But the key to this email was timing. Yesterday morning was also the morning we were discussing one of our main hopes for the new Noragami anime: that it inspires a character song album. Because we heart characters songs, we heart Yuuki Kaji, and we were under the impression that Noragami was sadly lacking in character songs, despite the cast being full of amazing voice actors who have been known to sing. So, with that in mind, I thought, "Noragami Blu-ray plus CD, huh? I better just go check to confirm that it's a drama CD like we thought."

Well. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that we were wrong and the CD was not a drama CD, and character songs do in fact exist for Noragami. And there we were, like chumps, not having them to listen to while we translate Noragami manga. Not only that, but this is a limited edition Blu-ray, which means if we don't act now, the chance could be gone FOREVER!!! So we had a very intense five to ten minutes during which we were trying to play Kingdom Hearts [chi] (which is moving very slowly these days, but Guilt Up Time was almost over and we had to take advantage) while at the same time check all the Noragami Blu-ray limited editions to make sure there weren't any more "plus CD"s that we would be in desperate need of.

We identified one other Blu-ray that required our immediate purchase (did I mentioned Amazon claimed to have only one in stock for both of them?), and added the Koe no Ouji-sama All Stars CD to our cart for good shipping measure. And then we went to checkout!

...But there was no joy in the Twins' apartment, for Amazon Japan wouldn't ship there.

Okay, so that's not technically true. Amazon Japan will ship to any place that will pay them (I imagine), but one of the Blu-rays (the one with the Yukine song, of course) was only being sold through another vendor--another vendor that wouldn't ship outside Japan (or at least not to the United States). There were no other options, there was nothing we could do. Amazon Japan offered no solution to the problem, so we made sad puppy faces and canceled our order, adding the two Blu-rays to our wishlist, on the off chance that one day it became possible to buy volume three, and wondering if maybe the day would come when we're just friends with Kaji-kun and he can just lend us his comp copy of the CD.

But then! a ray of hope! Athena was hit with inspiration: maybe CD Japan still has some in stock. So I instantly pulled up CD Japan's website, did a search, and lo and behold! Noragami limited edition Blu-ray plus CD! It wasn't on sale like it was at Amazon, but we didn't care--we just wanted Yukine's song ASAP! And fortunately, the exchange rate is in our favor. So now, we have ordered two Noragami Blu-rays and we should have them in our possession relatively soon. And they lived happily ever after...or they went back to work translating Noragami manga and spent a bazillion years (give or take) writing notes about Kagome Kagome. But still happily looking forward to Noragami character songs.

Of course, we do still hope they make another character song album for the new anime, too.

Today I'm thankful for Amazon Japan tipping us off about those CDs, reminders that we have some Saiyuki character song CDs that we got with limited edition DVDs and still haven't listened to (even though we bought them when we were in years ago), being done writing notes for today, CD Japan to the rescue!, and Noragami character songs to look forward to.
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