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Da-dun dun dun...

I really wonder how today ended up being so non-productive despite all our efforts to the contrary. I mean, only two and a half pages? What is that? Ah well.

On the bright side, this company we've been emailing is very nice and says they have non-yaoi stuff that we can translate. I'm not sure if it was just because I was a little thrown after having resigned myself to not getting more work or a real sense of right and wrong that made me wonder if it's okay to work for a company that does mostly yaoi stuff. But we had actually heard about this company many many times in the past, and "Oh! It's those yaoi people!" is not the thought that comes to mind. So we're thinking (hoping?) we're not compromising any standards by agreeing to do work for them as long as it's not yaoi or hentai. If we were, we'd probably have to stop working for TokyoPop, too, since they have some "adult" titles out there and just started a new line of yaoi stuff. Fangirls make me tired.

Also, we checked out the link to one of their partners, and they seemed to be a video game company in Japan, and one of their games is a love-sim for girls with Akira Ishida in it. That just made me happy. And we listened to the little voice clip of his character saying "yurusanai" over a few times.

And we made more shortbread! Because we're addicted. And because TV movies like the Felicity one that was on tonight are the types of things that require baking. Felicity's stories lend themselves much better to TV movies, thankfully, so it wasn't as difficult to sit through as the Samantha one. They both come from the American Girl series, which are these neat little books that are designed to help girls be interested in American history, and to sell expensive dolls (we have Kirsten!). We were really into them when we were about ten or eleven, so we had to watch the movies for nostalgia's sake. And as always, the books are better. Or so I would assume, not having read them for about ten years. But Virginia, our friend who got into them before we did, still has the books, and we think she's read them fairly recently, and she hated the Samantha movie.

Tonight I'm thankful for the ability to eat cereal, not having smallpox, American Girl books, orange juice, and milk.
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