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Alethea & Athena
Another Snow White 
21st-Jul-2015 05:43 pm
So we got it into our heads that it would be a good idea for us to start shifting our sleep schedule so as to go to bed and wake up earlier. It's kind of scary when we think of waking up two hours earlier, but if we take it a little at a time, it's not so bad to think of waking up just ten minutes earlier. It was a brilliant plan, and it worked pretty well yesterday and the day before, so we were confident that it would work again today! ...But there was one thing we failed last night to do that is vital to the success of the plan: go to bed on time. That Ace Attorney game kept us up a good half hour past our bedtime! It was like, "No, this case is almost over, I promise!" but it kept going and going, and we couldn't just put it down! It was so close to the end of the case, and it was so good!

But I wasn't going to talk about Ace Attorney today. I was going to talk about Snow White with the Red Hair. We were planning to check it out on Saturday, but then our internet was being wonky, so we saw the opening screen about until the blurriness turned into clarity, and then it froze and the little "loading" icon came on, and it kept spinning and spinning and spinning until the error screen took its place and told us we had to try again later. So we played video games instead.

But yesterday! we had time, so we checked it out. And we really really liked it! And just in case anybody's reading this who hasn't heard about it, it's about a girl named Snow White (or Shirayuki, or whatever you want to call her, I guess), and she has red hair (in case you couldn't figure that out), so the prince of the kingdom decides to recruit her for his harem. She's not really down with that, so she runs away and adventures ensue.

Adventures including meeting a decent prince, who is very good-looking and played by our favorite Friend From Quirky Kodansha Love Stories, Sasayan-kun! Or rather, by Ryota Osaka, the guy who plays Sasayan-kun (from My Little Monster).

And anyway, we're enjoying it very much. I don't know if that's because the very first voice we heard (incompetent Prince Raj) was a voice actor we recognized and tend to like, because we're petty and tend to like anime just for the voice actors, or if it's because we genuinely like it. It's strange, though, because I think there does tend to be trends in casting, such that the same actors tend to gravitate to the kinds of stories and directorial choices (other than casting) that we really like. So we heard Jun Fukuyama, and we were like, "Oh, this is gonna be good!" Mainly because we heard him sounding over-the-top arrogant, because here's the thing about Fukuyama-san: sometimes we hear his voice, and we're like, "Oh, this is going to have a great cast and be fun!" and sometimes we hear his voice and think, "Oh, this is going to be edgy." (Edgy is not good. Edgy can be okay, though.)

So here are some of the things I really like about this series. Prince Zen. I think that one goes without saying, but here's why I like him, even though Osaka-san isn't on our A-list: the poison thing. I thought it was odd that, after refusing Shirayuki's help because she might poison him, he'd eat an apple from a suspicious source without a second thought. Then of course the apple was poisoned, and the way that all went down was pretty awesome. He was like, "Shirayuki, don't eat the apple." Then, he addressed his bodyguards and was all, "Sorry." And then he collapsed.

Oh, we're not supposed to know he's a prince at this point. Not that it's a surprise in any way. But then came the best part! He shows up to help Shirayuki get away from Prince Raj, and everybody's like, "But I thought you were poisoned!" and he's all, "Yeah, I spent a lot of time developing immunities to poison." And that's just super awesome, just like the Dread Pirate Roberts (Westley Version)!

Also, he cares about his people and he cares about Shirayuki, and it's all very sweet.

There are a bunch of other characters, but so far the only one we've really gotten to know is Shirayuki, and we like her, too! She finds herself in trouble kind of a lot, but not because she goes out looking for it. But the best part about that is that she's not a fighter, but she manages to get herself out of trouble anyway...or at least to hold out until the muscle arrives. (Yes, the muscle is Prince Zen, and I know a lot of people don't like the "rescued princess" thing, but when you're not a trained fighter there's only so much you can do! She's an herbalist and has lots of cool things she can do without him, but she's not a trained fighter. And I don't want her to be a trained fighter, because that goes with my whole thing about how girls can be strong without being boys. Not to say that they can't learn to fight if they want to, just that not all of us want to, okay? And I like to have girl characters I can relate to, as someone who doesn't really want to be a fighter. (Although sometimes I do think it would be cool to get a black belt in something.))

And I think that about covers it. So far all the guest characters have been played by actors we really like, so that probably helps. But anyway, we're looking forward to episode three!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Snow White with the Red Hair, finally finishing that case in Ace Attorney, having extra ice cream waiting for us because we didn't eat any last night (because we were still playing that silly (by which I mean awesome) game), the emotional roller coaster that is Chapter 30 of Noragami, and finding out what translations of ours went on sale this week.

PS: Does everybody have their copy of My Little Monster 9? We're thinking of posting a review tomorrow because we're excited, but if nobody's read it yet, we'll post something else instead.
21st-Jul-2015 09:54 pm (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad you like Shirayuki and the characters. They are great fun. I didn't make the connection to Wesley at all. So fun.

"Ryota Osaka, the guy who plays Sasayan-kun (from My Little Monster)"
Cool fact. I didn't know this. Thanks.

Regarding My Little Monster 9, I'm still waiting for it to be shipped! I'm behind on this series, and will be binge-reading when all the volumes are in my hands.
22nd-Jul-2015 03:04 am (UTC)
We're glad you're glad! They really are fun; I like how they tease Mitsuhide, but I do feel sorry for him.

We're always happy to oblige with seiyuu trivia! He's also the main character in Hamatora, but for being the main character, he's not in it much.

Ooh, we hope you have fun binge-reading! My Little Monster is a great series!
21st-Jul-2015 11:18 pm (UTC)
Aaaarrrrg, I had my hands on my copy of My Little Monster 9 tonight!!! I was at the comic shop (picking up Your Lie in April 1-2, and also waiting to meet some friends for half-price sushi tuesday at a restaurant just down the street from the shop)), and they'd contacted me a day early to say my copy came in damaged, so they were going to get a replacement in for me. But while I was there, I asked if I could see it, and it was just kind of bent up (no creases) from being smushed in the corner of a shipping box, which won't be a problem once it's on a bookcase stuffed with other manga. So I was like, "It's fine, I'll take it as is!" but! then they were like, "Sorry, we can't let you have it until tomorrow when it's officially on for sale." and I was like, "...really? :( " So we'll see if I make it back there tomorrow or if I have to wait a little longer... but it's My Little Monster (my favourite Kodansha series right now BESIDES NORAGAMI) so I'm kind of extra impatient.

Anyway, I'm a terrible person who never manages to comment on your review posts anyway so don't hold back on my account. I still want to catch up on those eventually... really, I mean that!! I like it a lot that you're doing the review posts now.

I like Snow White with the Red Hair a lot!! I have the insider perspective of a manga reader too... but it is a super sweet and lovely series, with great characters and refreshingly solid relationships!! So far I don't really have an opinion on the voice acting. They're just kind of there, for me. (and it's hard to stop myself from comparing them to Hak and Yona, whose voices I looooooooooooooove. then again, that series has High Drama from the start, so it gave the actors opportunity to display more range of emotion?)
22nd-Jul-2015 03:13 am (UTC)
Oh man, that's so frustrating! And it's supposed to be officially on sale today! (Yesterday, by the time you read this? Tuesday, at any rate.) What's the big idea!? Maybe one of the workers is hoping to keep it for himself/herself. My Little Monster is definitely one of our favorite Kodansha titles, too! We look forward to it more and more these days. (Except when we want to get things done real fast, which is almost always, but that's just because it's a little texty, so we don't look forward to it slowing us down, but we do enjoy it.)

No worries, though. Whether you end up commenting or not, it will probably be better to go with another review tomorrow anyway for the same reason we did Let's Dance a Waltz when we did.

And Snow White with the Red Hair! I think it's kind of interesting, because I don't think there's a lot that makes the series unique or anything, but I feel happy watching it, and that's the important thing. Likewise, the voice acting didn't stand out that much (although I was listening closely to Prince Raj--Fukuyama-san makes fun sounds when he plays goofy characters), but the voices all fit. I did think that most of the male characters sound the same. But anyway, at least it's good that the acting didn't stand out as, "What is wrong with this acting?" (Speaking of Yona, did you know that the voice of Suwon (is there supposed to be a hyphen?) is Arslan?)
22nd-Jul-2015 09:54 am (UTC)
Hahaha! I did know that Suwon (maybe hyphen, I'm very inconsistent with his name spelling) and Arslan share a voice! I found amusement in the fact that he went from the one forcing someone out of her palace-home to the one being forced out himself, heh heh...

I think the Wednesday thing is just store policy, since they deal with a lot of floppy comics and the sell date for that market is Wednesday (still I didn't realize they enforce policy so strictly!). I could've argued that the book was already out yesterday in bookstores, but I didn't want to make a big fuss over it...

I do like the shop though. One of the employees has told me she likes seeing the series I order/subscribe to because it brings them to her attention! And some of the series I order end up on their regular shelves for others to buy too. (It just makes me concerned that since I'm not subscribing to the series I letter, they may be missing out on some of those... so I have a plan to bring a couple extra comps in and tell them "These series are great too!")
22nd-Jul-2015 05:13 pm (UTC)
We thought you might! But we had to make sure, because if you didn't know, we thought that would need to be rectified.

Aaah, I see. I wonder why that is, since the regular release dates for just about everything else (books, video games, DVDs, etc.) are on Tuesdays. Maybe they want to be different, like with theater movies. But yeah, we understand not wanting to make a big deal out of it.

You should totally do that! I mean, if they already carry Noragami, it's probably not a big deal, but I guess you letter some other cool titles, too. (Kidding! You know we think Barakamon and Durarara!! are great! As for everything else, we're just not familiar with it.) (Also, that was meant to be a "Noragami is better than everything" joke, not a "who cares if we didn't work on it" joke.)

Edited at 2015-07-22 08:13 pm (UTC)
22nd-Jul-2015 05:51 pm (UTC)
Haha!!! You're fine, I love your jokes :D Yes yes, Noragami is better than everything! And I have a faint suspicion they're not carrying it, and if I'm right, that's a BIG problem, as you know. They do have DRRR!! though, and Kingdom Hearts of course (Barakamon? hmmm, I'll add that to my list of things to bring just in case). But I don't recall seeing my current SevenSeas titles, all three of which (though one's not out till August) I love a lot and think more people need to read. And I should make sure Nozaki-kun is on their radar for the future...

By the way (on the topic of Noragami is the Best), CDJapan randomly(?) emailed me last night to say they'd given my account some points that'll only last a month and I remembered I need the Noragami soundtrack, so I ordered it then and there! (and then spent a while listening repeatedly to the sample clips on the website. oooh i can't wait till it arrives!) Thank you for planting the idea :)
22nd-Jul-2015 09:21 pm (UTC)
Yay Noragami soundtrack! We've been listening to ours a lot lately (mostly because we've been working on Noragami a lot lately)! Track 11 is my favorite.
22nd-Jul-2015 10:00 pm (UTC)
Track 11!! I read that and thought, "Wonder if that's Misogi..." and it WAS!!!! My favourite too, from the samples :D
23rd-Jul-2015 12:26 am (UTC)
It's so good! That whole scene was the best part of the anime!
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