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I feel like I have so much to talk about but I'm just too tired. It's not that much, anyway, just a couple of things. First, we watched Big Red last night, which is another movie that was recommended to us by coastal_spirit. The recommendation came after we watched Old Yeller and there was some discussion about dog movies all being so very very sad, so Big Red was recommended as one that is not sad. And it threatened to be sad, but it wasn't! (Is that a spoiler? I don't think it's necessarily a spoiler to define something as a comedy or a tragedy, because you at least want to know going in if you're going to be happy or sad afterward.)

The movie is about a boy who just lost his last family member, so he goes to find a job taking care of show dogs and he only speaks French but he's learning English from a book! And he likes animals very much! (Those are the two things he kept saying in his "please give me a job" speech, and they were super adorable! I think I mentioned this before...or maybe I wrote it in a Chaika review that we haven't posted yet, but anyway, we love to hear people who don't know English very well speak English. It's the adorablest. Is that politically incorrect? It's not because we feel superior or anything; it's because it's heartwarming to see people try to do hard things, and learning a language is hard! Okay, if you ask me, learning a language is not necessarily hard, but speaking a second language is nearly impossible! (We just had an experience with that at Anime Expo.))

Anyway, the boy befriends the Most Important dog, and drama and stuff happens from there. I will say, and this is almost definitely a spoiler, that you might think it's a sad movie if you like mountain lions more than people and dogs. I was pretty bummed that they killed the mountain lion. It mostly seemed to be minding its own business, just watching from a distance to see if the guy died. Then Big Red started attacking and it seemed like it was just a power play, like, "Hey, this is MY mountain, got it!?" And the mountain lion seemed to mostly just be defending itself and trying to get away from the annoying dog, except that it should have run away when it had a good chance. Then they shot it, and I was sad. But everybody else lived, and I liked everybody else well enough, so overall, it was pretty happy.

So now that I spoiled the end, you should go watch it! There's a lot more stuff in it, too, and the end is just to say, "This was a fun journey, but we need to stop it somewhere or the movie will go on forever." And Rene is so very very adorable. His accent wasn't like the French accents we're used to hearing in cartoons and stuff, and we figure that's because he's speaking Canadian French, so now we want someone who speaks Canadian French to see the movie and tell us if the accent is legit.

The other thing I have to talk about is the new Ace Attorney game, but that one is a little more involved and chock-full of spoilers. Not that anybody we know who still reads our LiveJournal would care about Ace Attorney spoilers... But this is the one that takes place in the Meiji Era...but the spoilers are actually more for Sherlock Holmes. Anyway, I think I've typed enough for today, so I'll save that for tomorrow or some time when I don't know what else to write about.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Noragami today, ice cream being on sale at the store, having cookie dough to bake the next time we find ourselves in dire need of cookies, getting to see another great old Disney movie with animals, and the adorable hero of Big Red.
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