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Alethea & Athena
Have some pictures! 
19th-Jul-2015 06:33 pm
Well, thanks to getting an email from Krista and Karie Shipley, the other translator twins we met at Anime Expo (we are the sempais, by the way; this is very important to remember (but also not important at all)), we have been prompted to post Anime Expo pictures to the internet. We took more than we remembered, it turns out (and also less), so we won't be posting them all in one post. Here is the first batch!

But first, a picture of the number 505. (Just kidding. We didn't name any of the pictures, so all the files are identified by numbers.) This is actually a picture of the macarons we bought from the froyo place near where we live. The pink ones are rose, and they tasted pretty. We're not sure pretty is a kind of taste sensation you'd want to actively seek out, but if you would, then these are the cookie for you! They tasted as pretty as they look.

The ones with the stars on them are good ol' Murican PB&J. They tasted like PB&J, but with the texture of a macaron. The speckled ones are praline. They were good, too. (I think about leaving a pause to indicate that my comment on their taste was that I have no substantial comment, but that wouldn't have really come across very well on a blog.)

And this! is the first cosplay photo we took at the convention. I wasn't really feeling the photography vibe, so even though we saw tons of cosplay before this, I felt pretty meh about all of it. I wouldn't even have taken this picture if they hadn't stopped us and asked for ours first.

Right before we ran into the Heartless, we were discussing the fact that the camera hadn't been taken out, and how we usually take pictures of people dressing as characters from series that we're really passionate about, and we just aren't really passionate about a lot of cosplay-worthy things these days. Even the stuff we really like is old news, so if someone is cosplaying it, we already have a picture of somebody in that costume, and blah blah blah. But then, we were taking pictures of Heartless, and suddenly Athena sees...
Dani Phantom! (...with an I!) And it's kind of a few weeks old now, but at the time, we had just finished rewatching Danny Phantom and it was our favorite thing ever. So the timing of this cosplayer showing up was another one of the AX moments that happens to us.

Then someone had the brilliant idea of asking if she could take a picture on our camera for us, so all the Kingdom Hearts cosplayers could be in a picture together. Athena and I didn't have weapons, so we thought, "How about we run away this time?"

We were "fighting" the Heartless when the Heartless were taking pictures, by the way. Not that I have a picture of that. You'll just have to take our word for it, or scour the internet. Or if you happen to know one of these masked people.

An excellent Steiner cosplay, from the best Final Fantasy other than Type-0 (Final Fantasy IX).

We remember very little about ThunderCats, but we have a friend or two who loved it, so when we found this Lion-O cosplayer, we had to take a picture.


You'll notice we took a lot of pictures of characters from certain titles. This Kofuku isn't the first Kofuku we saw, but the first one was at the manga lounge, where we had to check our bags.

Dollars recruiter. We got to join up.


Type-0! For people unfamiliar with the game, this is Eight. He's played by Miyu Irino, who also voices Sora. (We don't know who plays him in the English dub...) Type-0 was Irino-kun's Final Fantasy debut (he was a little excited about it on the Type-0 blog), and it was ours, too! So it's kinda fitting that Eight was the first Type-0 cosplayer we found at this AX.

Baymax maid. We usually don't bother taking pictures of Disney cosplay at AX, but it's Big Hero 6.

The little Celty plush was a nice touch (otherwise, we might not have recognized him, so it's an identifying prop with the added bonus of being entirely in character). I think this is the only Durarara!! cosplayer we got (other than Dollars guy), but there were lots of Celtys, Izayas, and of course Shizuos (all of whom were carrying some kind of traffic sign, so any aspiring Shizuo cosplayers: my challenge to you is to bring a vending machine).

Armstrong. We may not have taken his picture (Fullmetal Alchemist is so last decade), but Gaston recently got into anime through FMA, so we took a few FMA pictures. And this guy looks just like Armstrong!

Honey Lemon.

This one was for our brother-in-law who is a MegaMan fanatic. You may notice we took several pictures for the benefit(?) of friends.

Like Sergeant Frog.

And Zero (also from MegaMan).

And Yona.

And that's all for now!

Today I'm thankful for getting more rain today, having a lovely time discussing Disneyland in Primary today (perhaps too much time; but we did cover the lesson material!), reminder to post pictures, having an extra Bread Day today that helped us get some cookies when we were in desperate need of cookies, and remembering to start playing some music before we finished writing this post.
20th-Jul-2015 01:46 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting photos of cosplay at AX. Baymax Maid, I couldn't guess the costume.
20th-Jul-2015 02:01 pm (UTC)
We're glad you enjoyed them!
27th-Jul-2015 11:07 pm (UTC)
I totally seek out "pretty" as a taste sensation :) I think there's a macaron shop in town somewhere—should look into that more.

I'm glad you got photos of yourselves in cosplay!! Running away is a fun pose!

Ooooh Yato-sama~ And everyone!! Kofuku would be fun to cosplay I think, because she's so outrageous :D I like the Dollars recruiter too, yay! That's a neat idea. (he's got a yellow scarf too though, hmmmm.)

Thank you for photographing the Yona cosplayer! Awww, my favourite series is all grown up and has cosplayers now...
28th-Jul-2015 01:48 pm (UTC)
It is definitely an interesting experience, tasting pretty.

We're glad you liked the picture of us! As we were walking away, I thought it would be fun to do one with at least one of us on the ground like we'd just tripped and fallen on our faces, but we didn't get the opportunity. We would have been a major traffic block, though, so it wouldn't have been polite.

You should cosplay Kofuku! When we all go to a convention together and have a Noragami group! Now we just need everyone except Hiyori and Kofuku!

Yes, the Dollars recruiter! Athena noticed the yellow scarf, too, and her comment was now he just needs red contacts and he can be a part of all three main factions! Of course, Dollars is non-discriminatory--even Masaomi is in the Dollars, and neither is Saika, so it all works, right?

Fantasy series get cosplayers a lot if they get animated. They're exactly the type of clothes that a cosplayer wants to wear, since they're so different from everyday. I think we still have one or two more Yona cosplay pics to post...
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