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Typical Saturday

Saturday as usual. The day where we don't have work so we assume we'll have lots of time for all kinds of things...only we stopped assuming that because we realized "all kinds of things" take up much more time than we'd expect. But we got our chores done! Yay! We didn't go to the grocery store, because there was a thunderstorm and we didn't want to be outside in it (even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't an especially dangerous one).

We thought we'd try out some new anime today, but I guess it was the storm messing with our internet connection because right at the end of the last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Hulu stopped working. Oh well, maybe we'll find time to binge on anime the mythical time. And then we can watch Snow White with the Red Hair and all the other intriguing-looking new shows.

We have been watching My Monster Secret, though...except that they call it "Actually, I Am...", which is a more accurate translation of the title, but we're not too picky with what publishers want to do with titles. My Monster Secret covers the sentiment pretty well. Oh right, I should probably point out that we make a point of watching it because we translate the manga. Tadah! I already mentioned that, but only in a comment, so maybe people didn't know. I don't know.

So yeah, My Mon...Actually, I Am... The anime's not as good as the manga, in our opinions, but isn't that always the case? It's a weird thing about anime adaptations of comedy--somehow they manage to always remove all the comedic elements. ...Okay, not always. Obviously, there are some good comedic anime adaptations, like Ouran High School Host Club. But it's sadly more frequent than we'd like it to be. ...Not that we'd really know, since we don't have time to watch a lot of anime these days, but once is still more frequent than is ideal, right?

Anyway, it might just be that our sense of humor is different than the production staff's sense of humor, so it's still funny to people, just less funny to us. But I don't have anything really coherent to say about that, because I'm in a hurry to get back to Ace Attorney.

Today I'm thankful for getting our chores done, having fancy pasta to eat for dinner, rain!!!, not having to go out in the rain, and getting to watch as much anime as we did before Hulu stopped working.
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