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Fruits Basket sequel

Our Your Lie in April edit actually took less time than we expected, but it took just enough time that we ended up working a little late today, and that means less time for Ace Attorney! This is something that makes us rather unhappy, so I was tempted to skip LJ altogether, but there was big news today that I guess we should probably comment on. Namely, Fruits Basket sequel. Tadah!

We're pretty excited about it, because since Fruits Basket, we've loved everything we've read by Natsuki Takaya. We've read all the information we could easily find so far, and now we're content to wait until it goes live in September. If we have time (and that might be a big if), we're thinking about doing friends-locked posts with text translations of the chapters. Why? Because we know our friends would love it, and we don't want them to have to resort to piracy. The chapters are going to be available for free online, so we think it would be perfectly non-piraty to make translations of them available for free only as well. Especially if we take those translations down when the chapters become unavailable.

But it would have to be friends-locked, because we don't want people to come along and make pirated versions with our translations. But of course, it's all a moot point if we don't have time.

So anyway, that's all. So far the new Ace Attorney game is awesome, and it's calling our names.

Today I'm thankful for upcoming Fruits Basket sequels, finishing our second draft of Your Lie in April, the ability to see colors, being surrounded by beautiful colors, and it now being time to get back to Ace Attorney.
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