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I had dibs on under the nerds playing nerd poker.

I typed up this entry and realized that it was pretty long, which means it's a good reason to use my favorite quote from Danny Phantom: Reign Storm! That's really the only reason for the cut.

Today has certainly been interesting. It started out very well, actually. We got an email from Clay, which is always happy, and then we had shortbread for breakfast, and we were planning to then watch some anime and get to work, but right as we finished, Mom called wanting some company while she ran some errands. This was actually very good timing, because yesterday they called us both to be Special Assistants to the FHE Co-Chairs, in charge of refreshments, which meant we needed to get some refreshments. And since we didn't have any money, we couldn't call a home or visiting teacher to just take us to the store (they have a budget for FHE refreshments in the ward, but we have to use our money first and then they pay us back). But we went to Costco, and Mom was nice enough to pay for the refreshments for us.

After stopping at Mom's place to drop off her groceries, where we were fed much more ice cream than we should have eaten, especially considering that all we'd eaten previously was some shortbread and one bagel bite each (they were giving free samples at Costco), we came home and checked our e-mail, and then the day turned sad.

See, in our quest to find more work, we emailed a certain company. We didn't hear back from them, so we assumed they didn't need us, until the very end of the workday on Wednesday. We were already shocked enough from hearing back from them in the first place, so the question in the response e-mail about our ability to translate yaoi novels made it pretty much impossible to respond right away. We decided we had until after Thanksgiving weekend, and we e-mailed them back this morning saying we're not comfortable translating yaoi (although we're probably more comfortable with some of it than we should be...), but we'd be happy to work on any other projects if we could.

So when we got back this afternoon, there was a very nice e-mail explaining that the majority of their titles are yaoi, but there are different ranges so some aren't so bad, and they could send us samples so we could see for ourselves. It's a very nice gesture, but since that's not really the issue we have with yaoi, we're going to have to turn them down anyway. And while I'm happy with our choice to not work on yaoi stuff, it's still a major bummer.

But then we went and told the management about our heater and got back to work on stuff for TokyoPop (we actually have upcoming deadlines now!). And while we were working, the maintenance guys came and helped us with our heater (oh, glorious heat!) (they would have come sooner, probably, except when we went to tell report the problem, they were busy setting up the very pretty Christmas decorations out front), and by the end of our Fushigi Yuugi CD, we were feeling a lot better.

And then our visiting teacher and her sister (her companion seems to have disappeared into Boyfriend Land) came over, and we went to Arby's where VT treated us to chicken and cheese sticks and curly fries. I was very happy, because, as some of you should know, cheese sticks and curly fries are two of my favorite foods. And I've never had Arby's chicken before, but man is it good. I like pepper. We then proceeded to FHE.

VT's sister was being rather bossy, so Athena was being more assertive than usual (because she was annoyed with the bossiness), and when the sister asked if we minded getting a ride home from FHE from someone else, because it was in a different building than usual which was closer to their home than ours, she said in a teasing voice, "That's okay. We'll find someone else who loves us more than you do." And we think that really got to VT, but we're not sure about her sister, so it's kind of sad.

Fortunately, our ward anime buddy is always at FHE, and she lives about a block away from us. I still don't know why we haven't just established a system of her picking us up for stuff. Maybe because we're all afraid of people and telephones. So we made it home safely. And the girl FHE co-chair was extremely appreciative of our refreshments, so we didn't feel so bad about just bringing a bunch of Costco stuff.

And then it was time to watch Gunparade March! This was very happy, though I had forgotten how much I like that series, as well as most of the characters' names (I'm very disappointed in myself). It's almost depressing how they juxtapose the kids' lives at high school with their fighting aliens. But not depressing enough to stop watching. And Atsushi is so cute! It's very very very very good, and I definitely recommend it.

...which is why we were very sad that, three minutes before the third episode on the DVD ended, the picture froze and refused to go on. We tried so many things to get it to work. We took it out to try cleaning it and realized that someone had done a cruel thing to that DVD. We shall have to send it back with a note. We decided that we could miss the three minutes if we had to, so we tried to go on to the last episode on the DVD, but it wouldn't start. We may be able to get it to work if we start the episode in the middle somewhere, but that's skipping a little too much. But dude, I totally want to own this series. Maybe someday we'll have the money. Or maybe one of our family members with money will think to ask us what we want for Christmas.

Aw, man! You bored my character to death.

And tonight I'm thankful for curly fries, cheese sticks, being treated to dinner, getting our heater fixed, and pepper.

Oh! And in case I forget, November 29th is Sanzo's birthday, as well as Mwu la Fllaga's (from Gundam Seed), and our little sister Sarah's (sarahsocool)! Happy birthday, everyone!
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