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Big day

Today is a big day! It started five minutes before the alarm went off, when the mailman knocked on the door to deliver a package. The package had the newest Ace Attorney game from Japan, and we're super eager to get started playing it. So eager that we might have dinner an hour early just so we'll have more time to play uninterrupted. We probably would have taken the whole day off to play it if we weren't so darn busy all the time.

Fortunately, the package also contained two Your Lie in April CDs (or three, if you want to be accurate, because one was a two-CD set) to listen to while we work--just in time for us to get started on volume five. The first CD (set) was the anime soundtrack. If we had watched the anime, we'd probably have already known this, but there are some songs in the soundtrack that make heavy use of famous classical music pieces, as background music, I think, but maybe in the melody too. We were kind of too busy working to pay that much attention, and for all my claiming to love classical music, my knowledge of it is pretty limited. I only just recently learned to recognize Claire de Lune...

Anyway, the other CD is what we can only assume is all the music that gets performed in the anime. Not all the pieces are in the manga, which would normally make us think we just haven't gotten to that part yet, but there are also some pieces in the manga that aren't on the CD. So either they skipped over those parts, or they changed some of the pieces. Someday we'll watch the anime and find out, but I'm starting to think that maybe we don't want to get too hasty on the anime, because then it might spoil the manga. Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

It doesn't matter anyway, because we don't have time to start a new anime series! We have Ace Attorney to play! And! to top it all off, Kingdom Hearts [chi] started their second anniversary celebration on this very day! We're thinking we need to cut back on [chi], but it's the anniversary celebration. And, because everybody and their dog seems to feel the same way, the game goes very very very slowly. It's frustrating, because they have a pretty fun event going on, but since everything is going in slow motion, it's a lot less fun. We're hoping they fix that soon.

Finally, the package had a DVD of the first Takarazuka Ace Attorney play. Maybe someday we'll find the time to watch it. But first, new game!

Today I'm thankful for getting our shiny new package, having new Ace Attorney to play, having pretty Your Lie in April music to listen to, already finishing our first draft of volume five (we were hoping that would happen, but realized it was perhaps a little overly optimistic, but then it happened anyway, and we're very very grateful!), and it being time to go play our shiny new game.
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