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Busy busy busy, as usual. Today we finished our first draft of the Ice Reaper manga before lunch! We probably would have taken the rest of the day off, except for the you're-going-to-die-ness of our impending schedule. It's actually not as bad as it seems, and there's a story which I will tell, but first I just want to say that, as a result, we decided to work on...okay, so there's a project that we can probably talk about, but we don't know if we can, so I'll just say that it's due as soon as we can get it in, but because of all our other work, that's extremely not soon. So we work on it when we have extra time in our work day, like today. And it seems to be much more time-consuming than is possibly reasonable, even though we got through twenty pages today and only worked an hour. So it's really just time-consuming, and not time-consuming beyond all reason.

As for the schedule not being quite so fatal as we at first thought. Yesterday, we turned in our Noragami script and had some discussion about some other things we need to translate for that editor, like My Little Monster, and of course it's kind of soon. So we were like, "Wait, we need to get this, this, and this all in by the end of August?" It probably would have been totally doable if we didn't know for a fact that other people were going to come along and ask for other translations in the same time-frame. Although, come to think of it, it might not actually be a fact.

Anyway, our editor emailed back and said no, only this and this need to be done by the end of August. And so we were like, "Oh. Okay, we're not gonna die." So there you have it.

After work, we went to the Primary pool party. (That's why we only got an hour of work done on the other project. That and we spent another hour figuring out passport renewal stuff. Mostly postage.) And we had a lovely time.

And now it's time for some much needed video game time.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting our passports sent in for renewal, having a lovely time at the Primary pool party, our schedule being slightly less doomful than we thought, getting to work on a ton of fun manga (this is why our schedule stays doomful--we love it all so much we can't say no!), and it being time for video games.
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