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Just call me weak.

I'm unreasonably exhausted today, and all we did was stay up a little extra late. Or until two. and then wake up an hour early. Who knew sleep was so important to energy levels? (You can all raise your hands now.)

As I mentioned yesterday, Gaston came over last night. When he called we were a little...surprised is not really the word. Maybe indignant. It was a general feeling of, "Why would you be coming now? Our passes to Disneyland are all blocked out!" But we knew why, and it's because he wanted to play hockey with his brother who doesn't have a place for Gaston to stay in his apartment. And that made us just a little bit grumpy, because our schedule is jam-packed as it is.

But we can't really be upset, because we got to have a lovely time visiting with our friend, and then we got to go to Earl of Sandwich for breakfast this morning. Maybe I would have preferred to get more sleep, but as a result, we got an early start on work, which is a very good thing, I think. We finished our Noragami translation and made significant progress on the first draft of a Type-0 translation.

But now we are very tired, and because we are tired, we are going to give in. We had an email from Pizza Hut this morning with surprise savings!. I thought, "We could get 50% off!" but we just ordered pizza last week, and we had plans for fancy pasta tonight anyway, so we said, "No, Pizza Hut. Not today." And then we were at Facebook and we saw an ad that said cheesy bites pizza is back. What. That's our favoritest kind of favorite pizza of all time. And then it turns out we're too tired to deal with fancy pasta, especially after Athena burned herself last night. So, pizza it is! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the return of cheesy bites pizza, having a lovely time visiting with Gaston, getting an early start on work today, finally finishing that Noragami translation, and this Type-0 translation being much more agreeable.
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