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Well today had an unexpected adventure. We found out my phone was dead when our ride to church called Athena's phone because mine was going straight to voice mail. Good thing she's such a good critical thinker. (The woman who gave us a ride, I mean, not us. We were just like, "Why hasn't she texted to let us know she's on her way yet? La la la...♪") I didn't have time to worry about it then, because she was here to take us to church, but when we got back, I wanted to plug my phone in so we could call Mom...but the phone charger was nowhere to be found! Dun dun DUN!

Well, that's not such a problem--we can use Athena's phone to call Mom, and then we'll just order a new charger tomorrow. But! turns out Gaston's coming over tonight, and it would be nice to be able to communicate, like, when he's on his way and stuff. There was the almost scary thought that once Athena's phone ran out of juice we would be cut off from the entire world, except for email and LiveJournal and Facebook and, I don't know, leaving the house and talking to the neighbors or something, and we still have the iPad chargers, so we could easily pull up Facetime or Skype, so the idea turned out to not be scary at all, just mildly inconvenient because we have company coming tonight.

Anyway, we looked for the phone charger a little longer, and then we called Mom. I warned her that our conversation might come to an abrupt end if Athena's phone started losing power (it was pretty well charged, so we weren't too worried), and she was like, "Shoot, I have chargers all over the place, because my house has about a million Kindles, and since those chargers always work with my phone, I could just give you one." Of course, she couldn't because we live too far away, but she reminded us that we actually have a Kindle of our own! And I even unearthed it the other day when we were looking for costume stuff, so I knew exactly where it is! (You might be asking, "Don't you actually use the Kindle? So wouldn't you just know where it is?" And the answer is yes, that would make sense, but it's complicated.)

So I pulled out the Kindle...and found out that when I put it away in its package, I didn't put the charger in the package with it. Dun dun DUN! ...And come to think of it, I guess Twitter is still a somewhat viable communication option. But anyway, we finished talking to Mom on the phone, and then I started searching in earnest, and I found the charger! Yay! And now my phone is charging and we don't have to be cut off from the rest of the world.

And that's just another reason moms are the best.

Today I'm thankful for drivers who are good critical thinkers, helpful advice from mothers, having a Kindle to save the day, having other means of communication, and reminders to myself (like the one I'm making right now) to post our AX pictures.
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