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Hitting a wall

We're feeling somewhat better about life today, because we made better progress on Noragami than we have all week. In fact, we were doing so well that we thought we might even finish our second draft today! ...Until we hit a brick wall that we can't tell you about because it's a spoiler. After that, it all came to a screeching halt, because even though we made it past that wall, there was another wall very shortly thereafter.

It was super fun, because we took a break after the first brick wall, and it was getting pretty close to quitting time, so we thought, "We're really close, maybe we could try to finish it? Sure, we can go on for another forty-five minutes." And in that time we made it all the way through a page of our script! The equivalent of four pages of manga! But oh, those pages. They have so, so many words. So many words... (Think of that guy in The Emperor's New Groove that got thrown out the window, and he's all, "Beware the groove! Grooooove...")

Anyway, it's a good thing we love this series. And this volume is so good! On the other hand, I think part of the trouble(?) is that we do love the series so much, so we don't want to just be haphazard about it and say, "Eh, it's good enough." So we may end up overthinking things, like, a lot. And now that I've said that, I start to think, "Oh no! If we overthink it, maybe it sounds too stiff! Aaaaahhhh!!" But that's okay (I think), because we'll go over it one more time with a much more relaxed attitude before we turn it in.

In the meantime, last night we learned how to make edible play dough out of peanut butter and honey and powdered milk. ...Okay, we didn't actually learn how, but we learned that it's possible and we have a recipe. Mom used to mix peanut butter and honey all the time when we were kids, and I was never that big a fan of it, even though I like both peanut butter and honey. It's still not my favorite flavor combination, but the mouth feel of the play dough was the best.

Today I'm thankful for not having a UQ Holder! to translate this week (if we'd had to do that in addition to this volume of Noragami, someone's brain probably would have melted), edible play dough, making really good progress (relatively) on Noragami today, having transportation worked out for the Primary pool party next week, and it now being time to begin the weekend.
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