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Your Lie in April volume 2

It's time for another review! We're still going through all the books that got released day...three? two? weeks ago? June 23? Yes! June 23. Today we're going to post about Your Lie in April, because our Noragami review is spoilertastic, so we want to give everybody a chance to read the book before we post about it. So you have a week to get ready! Y'know. If you want to.

Spoiler warning level is very mild, but there is some speculating which may lead to ourselves being spoiled depending on the comments. (Please do not spoil the translators!)

I feel like every time we translate Your Lie in April, there are some kind of extenuating circumstances that make it go by in a blur. In this case, there was a scheduling mix-up, and it turned out to be due a month before we thought it was. We all found out when our editor was like, "Gee, I wonder why I haven't gotten that yet. *checks schedule* Oooohhh snap." Okay, maybe that's not how it went down, but that's how we imagine it went down.

The point is, it was due about half a week before we started it. Fortunately, we had a break in most of our other projects right at the time, so we were able to get right to work. Also fortunately, this series is pretty easy to translate, so we managed to finish the whole thing in two days.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, it's all kind of a blur now. Let me refer to my notes...

Looks like I only made a couple, and it has to do with the fact that the translation of this series, while generally easy, does present its challenges. Let me tell you about Dare You Bridge.

The name of the bridge shows up on a plaque on one of the bridge posts. It has no furigana to tell us how to pronounce the kanji, and not once in volume two does anyone call the bridge by its real name. (Although come to think of it, maybe someone says it in volume one... Oh well, too late to check now.) AND! that kanji combination is not a common one, because we weren't able to figure it out with a Google search.

You can see how the bridge's name ended up and why by reading the manga (plug), but I will tell you this: we were really scared(?) when we realized we were going to have to come up with a pun on the bridge's name. We looked up synonyms for courage, I think, and one of the words listed was "daring." We looked at each other and shouted, "Dare You Bridge!" and we all lived happily ever after.

There was also a tricky bit with Tsubaki's flashback to her graduation photography wish. She said, "Shashin totte kudasai," and we weren't sure if she was asking Saito to please take a picture of her, or if she could take a picture of him (seemed a little weird based on the wording, but also seemed more like what she would want), or if he would be in a picture with her. We ultimately went with, "Would you please take a picture?" We weren't sure if it sounded a little unnatural, but we figured it was okay, because she was talking to her crush, so she was likely to sound awkward in that situation.

Now, as for the story. Our main thought is, "She's dying, isn't she?" If you've seen the anime don't tell us! (We might already know by the time this gets posted, but still!) That's the lie, isn't it? The, "Nope, this is the first time I've fainted," thing.

Speaking of the lie. The title is "Your Lie in April," translated from "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso," which is more literally rendered as "as for April, your lie." Consternation was expressed as to how that turns into "Your Lie in April," but if you want to make it "your lie" with April in the title, "Your Lie in April" is the only thing that remotely makes sense. And the point is it was April and somebody lied, so I think the message gets across.

We also wonder if Kosei could maybe use some therapy, like for the music disappearing thing. We haven't had a lot of experience with therapists being very helpful, but maybe if he found the right one. Or maybe he just needs someone like Kaori to give him the right kind of encouragement. And it's going to be some pretty awesome encouragement to keep him going after she dies. I don't know, maybe the pessimism is just a remnant from recently working on Type-0. Or the stress from our current state of being overworked.

We're pretty excited to maybe one day watch the anime and hear all the music that just can't really be portrayed in manga format. One of the things I really like about this series is that it really makes classical music come alive, and I hope it generates more interest in it.

And hopefully, we don't have a lot of readers going, "Wow, did they just phone it in on this translation or what? It seems totally rushed." (Let us know in the comments!)

Today I'm thankful for remembering that we have lemon poppy seed scones, making sort of maybe decent progress on work today considering, having our grocery shopping done, having some salted caramel chocolate cookies to try at some point, and having a cute little tin with an anime character on top and some candies inside.
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