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More about Anime Expo

Today I have been befuddled, so it's hard to focus. But! we remembered that there were some things we forgot to talk about involving Anime Expo! First, there was this Baymax cosplayer that found a spot in the convention center hall and pretty much seemed to be camped out there for the duration of the convention. Sometimes we found ourselves stopping to take a break by his(?) campground, like to eat cotton candy, for example. And when we were eating cotton candy, we saw a Celty (Durarara!!) cosplayer walk up and tap Baymax on the shoulder. When she got his attention, she she pantomimed a request to take a picture. And I just wanted to report that because it was such a neat example of a cosplayer staying in characters (because Celty can't talk, for anyone unfamiliar with the character).

The other thing we forgot to report on was that Crunchyroll had surprise guests that totally took us off guard. Well, a surprise guest. We walked by their booth on Friday and saw a whiteboard with all the special events they were going to have throughout the day, and one of them was a Q&A with Junko Takeuchi. What. This was significant to us because she's a voice actress we've actually heard of. But she wasn't going to be there for a couple of hours, so we continued to wander.

We came back soon before she was to be brought onstage. ...And I remember very little else, because even though we're familiar with her work, it's only a passing familiarity, so there wasn't a whole lot of information that stuck. For those of you who don't recognize the name, Junko Takeuchi is the voice of Naruto. (We're more familiar with her work in Ouran High School Host Club (as the punk grade schooler from episode six) and Polar Bear's Cafe (as Baby King Penguin and Tanaka-san).)

But as we talk about it amongst ourselves, more of it is coming back. Someone asked if she prefers to work on anime or video games (or they asked what the difference was between the two), and she said in anime, all the voice actors are recording together, but with video games, each actor records his or her lines separately, so it's a lot more lonely. She also said her favorite role other than Naruto is Gon from Hunter x Hunter, because she felt like she had to say that. And when asked a question we couldn't quite hear but assume was along the lines of "Who's your favorite character from Naruto other than Naruto?", she listed a bunch of names. She answered one question with "ippai, ippai, ippai (lots and lots and lots)," but we don't remember what it was. Maybe something like, "How many Naruto cosplayers have you seen?" And she said her favorite scenes were...there was one that was a conversation between Naruto and a few characters that she named but we forgot, and the scene where a certain character died, whose name we do remember but don't want to say because it's probably a spoiler if it's such a big dramatic memorable scene. If anybody wants to know, you can ask in the comments or something.

And that's all we remember! Tadah! And that concludes this edition of the things we wanted to report about Anime Expo but forgot to yesterday. Who knows? Maybe we'll remember some more.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Say I Love You translation, subsequently making pretty good progress on Noragami, having plans to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit with a friend tomorrow, having delicious pizza on its way to our apartment, and having an effective way of keeping Page off the laptop (which is sad and amusing and convenient all at the same time).
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