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Let's Dance a Waltz, volume 2

Well, we're off to Anime Expo today, but first, I think we can fit in another review. Please don't let our absence prevent you from commenting (assuming you have anything to say)! We'll be able to check the internet a little while we're there, but our hotel charges kind of a lot for it, so it will be a little more sporadic. But we're also going to have to work, so we're going to need the internet for at least one day.

This week, I think we'll go with Let's Dance A Waltz volume two. Spoiler level...uh...mild? Yes, I would say mild at the worst.

First of all, I have to express my exasperation at Hime. Her whole spiel about envying fairy tale princesses just makes me shake my head and maybe want to slap her. I'm like, "Spoken like a true person who doesn't actually know what a fairy tale princess has to go through." First of all, there are plenty of fairy tale princesses who have to actively seek their prince (and of course they get a bad rap because, for example, Ariel "changed for her man"), and second of all, the ones who are found by a prince usually have a lot of other crap they have to go through before he shows up. They're not just waiting. For crying out loud.

The second problem we had with this volume is Sumire is Tango's old partner, isn't she? This isn't really a problem with the story, but a behind-the-scenes problem that hopefully nobody knew about until now. Or we could not say anything and then no one will know...ever... (You have to say the "no one will know" in a kind of ethereal, trailing off voice, and the "ever" in a creepy whisper.) Tango is still super hot. And this review is disjointed because Athena is flipping through the book and making comments that aren't related to the thought I'm writing about.

Okay, so the problem with Sumire being Tango's old partner. First of all, we don't know if that's true. That's just speculation on our part, and that's not the problem with it anyway; I just felt the need to point that out. It's just speculation. But the real problem is that whoever Tango's old partner is, our Agent of Destiny (Yusei) assures Hime that she's still dancing (if yuu sei so)(<--Athena said I had to add that). What! Still dancing!? Aaaarrrgh.

See, back in volume one, when Tango is telling Hime the sad, sad tale of why he will never dance again, he said he made it so his old partner couldn't dance. We were trying to make it all dramatic, so we had him say, "She never danced after that." But if she's still dancing, that's totally a mistranslation, and what were we thinking? I have to say, though, if she missed just one competition, that's not really a great reason to give up dancing forever. But given Tango's whole reason for loving dance (which we didn't know when we translated volume one), then it sort of makes sense.

Anyway, we emailed our editor and asked him to change it, so hopefully nobody knew about it (except for us, the editor, and the letterer) until now. And anyone that they might have told.

The other problem with this volume is that the drawings aren't as pretty. Maybe Ando-sensei was too rushed to get the proportions right. It's not super obvious most of the time, so it's not a major detriment, but since the amazing dance poses were one of the highlights of the first volume, we are a little sad.

But don't not read it! Because a lot of cute stuff happens in this volume. Hime is kind of a major airhead, but she's sincere. Her metaphors for dancing continue to be adorable. ...And I think that about covers it. The problem with Nakayoshi titles is that everything goes by so fast, and yet so slowly at the same time. So by the time it's over, you need more because it's like nothing happened! But obviously something happened, because otherwise why would we even care about having more stuff happen? The point is, we look forward to volume three!

Today I'm thankful for happy memories of Let's Dance a Waltz, reliable bus schedules, finishing all the work that needed to get done (but it keeps piling up!), having emergency snack rations, and having plans to maybe be able to relax in a hotel for a while.
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