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Thomasina and Page

I think I accidentally did a very cruel thing to Page this morning. She hopped onto the laptop as she tends to do, only now we have a Digibird sitting on the shelf right next to it. She had to inspect, so Athena showed her how it chirps. Digibirds are pretty neat little toys that will chirp when you blow on their chest sensor, and sing when you blow a special whistle at them. Despite the fact that it was ages before Page stopped running away when we started singing (I don't think we sound that bad!), I thought she might like to hear the Digibird sing, so I got the whistle and tried to blow it at the Digibird...only I ended up blowing it right in her ear and freaking her out.

She ran over to the other side of the desk where I got to put my arm over her while I typed for a while, and would occasionally move as if she wanted to check out the laptop area again but was afraid to. We aren't sure if she was afraid we'd whistle at her again, or if she was afraid the bird was doing it unpredictably. At any rate, she did overcome her fear just long enough to defiantly sit on the laptop for a few minutes, and then she ran off and got comfortable in the bedroom.

But speaking of cats, we watched The Three Lives of Thomasina last night! If we had known it took place in Scotland, we might have watched it sooner, because we love Scottish accents. But anyway, we loved it! It was lovely. But there were a couple of minor issues we felt could use a little more attention.

First, there's the matter of the cat coming back to life. They kind of glossed over it by saying that cats have nine lives, but come on. Why was she still alive? Did she actually die and come back to life? Or did the veterinarian's assistant just not do a good job of putting her down? They were pretty busy, and the assistant was very reluctant. Maybe it just seemed odd to us because, after learning about reincarnation, maybe we got it into our heads that the nine lives thing was more like that, and not like a, "Dead...just kidding!" thing. But we're also aware of the theory that the cats having nine lives theory comes from cats living a really long time, which would be something like what happened to Thomasina. Maybe they just wanted to be like Castle and leave it a little ambiguous so you can take whatever interpretation you want...except that they had that whole Bast sequence, which I guess means either she was dead dead, or she was having a near death experience, which would make her dead dead, too, I guess. We were just a little unsatisfied on that point, especially because when they realized she was still alive, they were all like, "Oh, she's alive!" and not like, "Wait, how is that even possible!?" It was just weird.

Second, there's the matter of Mary saying that she killed her father, put him in a box, and buried him. That sounds like a serious psychological issue that could maybe use some attention, but the housekeeper lady is just like, "!" and does nothing, and the priest is just like, "!!!!" and tells her father that she really could use a mother. While I don't necessarily disagree with the child's need for a mother, first, I don't see how the two ideas connect, and second, shouldn't we maybe still talk about this having killed her father thing? Maybe they just didn't have time to go into it in the movie, and the book covers it better.

But other than that! it was a great movie! The movie that proves Walt Disney thinks all women have magical powers over animals, and you don't have to be a princess to do it. Singing in the woods helps, of course. And I loved how all the kids were so nice to each other. And the Scottish accents! They're great in adults, but in children, they're just plain adorable.

I thought it was interesting how on the one hand, you have the new veterinarian that nobody trusts because of his new-fangled science. On the other hand, you have the "witch in the glen," who nobody trusts because she's weird and sings in the woods. In Gaelic, which probably doesn't help. And finally, you have the one person who's a good friend to both of them (even tries to drum up more business for the veterinarian), and he's the priest. I like that, because I think that's how religious folk should be--they care more about getting to know people than listening to rumors and gossip. (But he's not a pushover--he doesn't condone everything everybody does.)

And in addition to the movie being great, one of the bonus features was a brief interview with the actress who played Lori (the witch), and she said just the best things. Our favorite part was when she talked about how when you're in a Disney movie, and you're very young, you get colored with this "Disney image," and you don't want that because you're afraid everybody will think you're a boring actress and you won't get any good parts. But as she went on with her career and started doing plays, she always liked doing comedies, because she realized how much she loves making people feel good. I think she said there's no greater privilege.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see The Three Lives of Thomasina, movies that aren't afraid to make people feel good, getting Danny Phantom in the mail (after I posted about it the other day, I thought, "But what if they take it off of Hulu!?" and immediately went over to Amazon and ordered the complete series, and it arrived today!), having a lovely trio of Digibirds (one sings melody, one sings harmony, and one chirps the parts), and getting a lovely sheet of Jamberries that we won in bingo.
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