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Bittersweet TV viewing

Oh man, today was a lot more eventful than expected, so I'm having a hard time focusing. A friend's dog got out last night and was taken to the pound, and she needed help paying to get her out, poor girl. And there...was something that might be considered a spoiler for Say I Love You, so I'm not going to say it, but I will say that it was referred to in the interview that should have been printed in volume one, so if you have that and you're curious, you can read the interview and have some idea what I'm talking about.

We also got our Fight the New Drug bracelets! Anime Expo seems to be having a hentai theme this year, and we are less than excited about it. So as a very tiny protest, we'll be wearing Fight the New Drug bracelets. You can find out more about that campaign here.

But most importantly, we were watching Danny Phantom last night, and when the episode ended, Hulu told us the title of the next one: Phantom Planet. We recognized that title as being the title of the very last episode of the series! So we watched it! It was kind of bittersweet, and we did have a debate about it: should we really watch it now? if we watch it now, there will be no more Danny Phantom to watch. but it's always nice to end a series with a nice big chunk all at once, right? but still... I know! We'll watch it tonight...and again tomorrow!

We're still undecided if we're really going to watch it again tonight, but we're definitely going to keep Danny Phantom on the list of shows to watch when we need a pick-me-up.

And now I have to rave about Phantom Planet. We'd actually seen it before, nine years ago when Nickelodeon decided... Okay, so after two seasons of Danny Phantom, Nickelodeon decided that it was going to cancel the show, but not right away, but they still weren't going to show any new episodes on US Nickelodeon (they got to see them in the UK, though). There were two exceptions: Urban Jungle, which is the episode with Mark Hamill Undergrowth, and Phantom Planet--the last episode (that was written in a really dramatic voice). So we saw Urban Jungle, and we were like, "What? Who's that? What are they referring to? Am I missing something!? Aaaaaahhh!!!"

Then they made a TV event out of Phantom Planet, and we didn't know it was the last episode! Because all we knew was that there were supposed to be a handful of episodes of Danny Phantom before it ended forever, but they never showed them to us, so we only got two new episodes and then THE END! And we were like, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?" And it didn't help that a lot of important stuff apparently happened in those episodes we didn't get to see. Suddenly Vlad is the mayor. Suddenly Danny has ice powers--actually, he got ice powers in Urban Jungle, so suddenly Danny knows some benevolent ice ruler somewhere in the Ghost Zone? What's this about a map? Why are Danny and Sam so close? What's this about a Tuckerbot? I'm so confused!!!! And WHAT!? It's OVER!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?

So our first experience with this episode was not really a good one. In fact, because of that and Urban Jungle and watching them out of order, I was really scared to watch season three, because my mind had blocked out all the exact reasons I was uncomfortable with those episodes, and I was afraid it was just a matter of episodes being made that I didn't like. That's happened with other shows we liked. And I want to like Danny Phantom!

But we watched season three, and there were some really good episodes! I especially liked the ones with Amorpho and ...whatsisname the nightmare ghost. Nocturne, Athena tells me. (I don't have to remember the names to like an episode, okay!) And then we got to Phantom Planet (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!), and with all the background properly in place, it was a lot easier to watch, and quite a good episode! Oh my goodness, so many good themes and moe points. (This is my obligatory reminder that "moe" doesn't only refer to cute prepubescent girls, it refers to anything that hits the right button for a fan.)

And this is where this post will get really spoilery, which I doubt is really a problem, but I warn you just in case. Also, of course I recommend you go watch Danny Phantom on Hulu, because it is amazing! Go! Go right now! It's so awesome! (The first couple of episodes are a little unremarkable, but just keep watching. We were automatically hooked because of the white hair, but we realize that's not a moe point for everyone.)

This one has one of our favorite moe points: a superhero losing/giving up his powers. Oh, Danny. You try so hard to do the right thing. It tends to be especially interesting when Danny struggles to do the right thing, because his life is so conflicted. In this case, there was a group of super competent ghost hunters in town, he was feeling insignificant and humiliated, and to top it all off, his parents got arrested for harboring a ghost, which wouldn't have happened if the competent ghost hunters hadn't picked up his ecto signature (or whatever they called it). So he decides to zap away his powers, and oh my goodness that scene! His sister and friends are like, "What are you doing, that's the worst thing you could possibly do!" but he does it anyway, and then just before he passes out, Sam asks how he's feeling, and he says, "Human," and he looks so relieved and peaceful but everyone else is still horrified. Oh, the feels!

However, the way his hair was done did leave a little to be desired. We both like the white streak thing, but Athena tells me she spent the next several minutes distracted from the show as she mentally tried to design a better way to fit that in.

Anyway, when Sam confronts Danny about it later, she calls him selfish, and he's all, "Selfish? For wanting to protect my friends and family?" Because his powers were putting them all at risk, you see. But Sam knew that his powers were also what kept a bunch of people safe, including his friends and family, from worse threats...which probably wouldn't have been threats if not for the same thing that gave Danny his powers to begin with, but that's Jack's fault, not Danny's. Which really just means that Danny is protecting the world from Danny's father, but that's another story.

It's just really interesting, because it makes you think what really is best for everyone. When you're doing something out of love, is it really out of love, or, like in the case of Danny zapping away his powers, is it maybe more out of fear? (On the other hand, they showed a montage of Danny not fighting ghosts while the other ghost hunters took care of it, and one of those fights took place at 6:15am. That really put it into perspective how hard some people have to work at certain things, and I totally think he deserved a break.)

Anyway, the episode was really good after all, but when it got to the end it was still like, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?" I actually started crying when the credits started running, because I was so sad that it was over. But it was a decently satisfactory ending, so that's good I guess. And ultimately, I think The Ultimate Enemy is still my favoritest.

Today I'm thankful for our friend's dog getting out of the pound, getting our Fight the New Drug bracelets, getting our Jamberry order, getting to see all the Danny Phantom that Nickelodeon refused to show us back in 2006, and getting to watch the show again whenever we want as long as it's still on Hulu.
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