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Let's talk about Noragami!

I'm really not sure what to write about today. Volume five of Noragami came out today, so I considered writing a response to a couple of reviews that we've read, but I'm trying to cut back on telling people they're wrong. But I know what I can do! I don't think I've ever discussed what we like about Noragami so much!

I'm not sure it will be so easy to describe. First, we just watched the anime because lyschan recommended it, and then we kept watching because our favoritest voice actor was in it. His character doesn't show up until episode two, but Hiroshi Kamiya plays the main character Yato, and we like him enough to give anything he's in a second chance. Well, that and the series did pique our interest. And Yukine was in the opening sequence, so we decided we couldn't stop watching until we at least knew who played that kid. We're like that about some character designs.

The funny thing is, Yukine is the character that made us really fall in love with the show, but a lot of people who review Noragami seem to really hate him. In fact, there were parts where we didn't like him so much, either, but it was all part of his journey and it worked out in the end. And he was played by Yuuki Kaji the whole time, so we couldn't not like him too much.

But I digress. The important thing is what is this series about? Well, let me see if I can tell you! It's about Yato, a minor Japanese deity, who's trying to make it to the big time. (Hey, I did it!) He's been around for a while, but he has a hard time gaining followers, and that's dangerous for deities in the world of Noragami, because faith is sort of what keeps them alive (that'll make more sense if you read the series! and we'll still be your friends!). The other thing that keeps deities alive (instead of being eaten by supernatural creatures referred to as ayakashi) are shinki, which are basically spirits of the dead who become instruments in the hands of a god to help that god do whatever it is that instrument does. In this series, usually it's some kind of a weapon to help slay ayakashi. Again, it will all make more sense in the context.

While Yato is trying to recruit followers, he meets one Hiyori, who develops a condition that makes her spirit leave her body, and she decides to become Yato's follower in a different sense--she's going to follow him around until he fixes her. And madcapped mayhem ensues! Tadah!

As for why we like it... I think it's mostly the characters. They're...well, Yato's kind of a jerk, and Yukine starts off as a little punk, and yet somehow they're both a lot of fun. I think it's because Yato's the "jerk with a heart of gold" type, so even though he's rude and insulting, you can see through what he does that, deep down, he really cares. Plus, there's Hiyori to call him out on his jerkiness, and when he's a jerk, things don't always work out for him. We've seen a lot of shows with people being jerks and making bad decisions, and no one ever says, "Hey, you're being a jerk!" and things just magically work out. Things don't always work out for Yato. Okay, they work out most of the time, but there are consequences to his bad decisions.

Also! the story is heavily based on Japanese mythology, which is fascinating in and of itself, but since we're translating it, we get to do research and find out all kinds of cool stuff about it. It's really great to see how much thought and detail the authors of the series are putting into it, and how all the mythological elements tie together.

So...yeah. It's a fun series with fun (and dynamic!) characters, so please check it out!

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk about Noragami, making good progress on work today, getting a pink Kero Cap in Kingdom Hearts [chi], having lots of books to post reviews of coming out this week, and water filters.
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