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Last night we got to listen to some pretty cool CDs, and now I want to talk about them! Well, mostly the first one. It's called Wagakki Disney Music Selection, and it's a bunch of Disney songs played on Japanese musical instruments (wagakki). Not that I really know anything about musical stylings, but I suspect that the songs were mostly not arranged into a traditional Japanese style, just played on Japanese instruments. Nevertheless, it sounds really awesome.

We had seen a track list before we ordered it, so we were aware that it had everyone's favorite ballad of self-deception, and for that reason we thought about not buying it, but we listened to a demo track of See the Light, and it was just so pretty that we had to get it anyway. Fortunately, the song we don't like is at the beginning. I will admit, it is a rather pretty piece of music, and it's not nearly as self-deceiving without the lyrics. I think that one was mostly played on a Japanese flute (I think it's best not for me to guess instrument names, because I am clueless), which is a detail I supplied because I was thinking maybe I should try to describe what the music sounds like, since this is a review and all.

But then I remembered that I was kind of distracted by a 3D puzzle while we listened to it, so I don't remember a lot of details. So why didn't we just listen to it without the puzzle? Because we get really antsy if we're just sitting and listening to music. If there are vocals, we'll read the lyrics, but if it's all instrumentals, we need something to do with our hands.

So I'm just going to skip ahead. There was a very haunting version of Chim Chim Cheree, and then the finale. It was really cool, because it started out with the gagaku-type music you always hear in anime and video games where they play that kind of music (we think they have that kind of music in the Kurain Village in the Ace Attorney series, but we're having a really hard time remembering exactly where we've heard it), but anyway it totally evokes images of Heian Japan and becomes It's a Small World! And it's so perfect because the song is about how it's a small world! Oh my goodness, I love it so much.

Then the puzzle turned out to be really hard, so we had time to listen to another new CD: the Tokyo DisneySea Music Album. We decided it was high time we get a recording of the ride version of Compass of Your Heart (as opposed to the Koe no Ouji-sama version), which we've wanted ever since we went to DisneySea in May of 2008. As soon as we got home, we searched for some non-YouTube way to get a recording of the song, and we couldn't find anything! Now that we finally have a CD with the song, we checked the release date, and it turns out if we had gone in July of that year, we might have been able to buy it at the park. Ah well. We have it now anyway.

Of course, it has more than just Compass of Your Heart; it has theme songs from all the seas of DisneySea! It even has the soundtrack to their version of the Indiana Jones ride, which isn't really all that different from our version. And a lot of the songs reminded us of the "Lords of the Sea" song from Galavant, and now we have to wonder if they were any inspiration. But the point is, the whole CD was loaded with nostalgia and happy memories, and now we want to go back again (even more than usual). Maybe someday soon...ish...

Today I'm thankful for cool wagakki versions of Disney songs, having a recording of our favorite Disney song of all time (it has all the dialogue, too! and Chandu!), finishing our first draft of My Monster Secret, having a booklet with pictures of the DisneySea attractions, and actually having an electric fan this summer.
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