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Productive and not productive

So, I, uh...I guess it's time to update LiveJournal. This day has somehow managed to feel quite productive and yet not productive at all! We worked on Candy Samurai Wars, but somehow it feels like that doesn't count, even though it did take like an hour. We also supported our sister by ordering more Jamberries.

(And I only mention the supporting our sister part because it makes it sound more productive. She suspects we only order Jamberries out of some sense of obligation to help her, but that's not true at all! The fact that she sells them just gives us an excuse to buy colorful things. We like to buy colorful things! ...We just don't usually put them on right away, which is why our sister suspects we don't really like Jamberries. She should see our pile of DVDs that are still in their shrink-wrap. We WILL watch them someday! ...But maybe not African Cats, but we bought that one with all the other DisneyNature films before we knew we didn't like them. Maybe we'll put it on in the background while we do a puzzle or something. We'll have to buy more puzzles first. (We clearly have a problem.) We have a 3D crystal castle puzzle, but the background music for that has already been decided--we're going to listen to our shiny new Disney CDs! (We got one that has Disney songs in traditional Japanese music style, and a DisneySea soundtrack because we wanted the ride mix of Compass of Your Heart.))

The other productive thing we did was order business cards. In a shouldn't-be-surprising-but-nevertheless-surprising turn of events, it looks like we're actually going to be, like, seeing people at Anime Expo. That and all the industry guests that are going to be there has us thinking, "Hm, maybe we should print some business cards that don't have old, out-of-date contact info on them." Come to think of it, the people we're planning to meet already have our email address, so I guess we didn't need to get any for their benefit. But the fact that we will be seeing people reminds us that, oh yeah, conventions are places where you, like, meet people and stuff. So business cards. Tadah!

And now we're waiting for our ride to the Relief Society activity, which is another thing that makes our day productive and somehow not productive at the same time.

Today I'm thankful for new Jamberries to look forward to, new Disney CDs to listen to, having a fun activity to look forward to (we hope it's fun), decongestants, and work not taking very long today.
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