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Done, but not done.

We decided to call it quits early today, which is a little bit frustrating because we have more work left to do than we'd like. It's been a long time since we've regularly only gotten 20 pages done in an hour. This is a pretty texty series, but we're still going to blame the format. No accidental new files today, but I somehow managed to shrink my font and accidentally copied text several times. We decided, since we weren't making good progress on the one thing, we'd move on to another small thing...and bad habits carried over from that format!

But most importantly, Page decided to take over the laptop right when we needed it, and an attempt to scare her off of it backfired terribly--not because she defiantly chose to stay on the keyboard (which sometimes happens), but because in her hurried escape she stepped on some key combination that caused the computer to freeze up while pretending it wasn't frozen. We've restarted it now, and Page is comfortably settled in the bedroom, but we're just too tired to go on. It doesn't help that I've had a sore throat for the last few days and I really just want it to go away.

So now we're going to go take advantage of it being the weekend (although the one little project is due Sunday, so we're going to have to work tomorrow) and relax.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a really great new (to us) episode of Danny Phantom last night, it being time to relax, the super deliciousness of Reese's cake, having delicious grape juice, and invitations to hang out at Anime Expo.
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