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Home again, home again

Look at us, making it home before three. And it's all thanks to our home teacher, who did not forget about us this week. I do feel a little bit bad, because the music director wanted all the Relief Society people there early to rehearse Simple Gifts, as today was the day we performed it. If I was just singing, I wouldn't have cared, but since I was playing the piano, I probably should have been there earlier than I was.

There was actually some confusion, on my part, as to whether or not I would be playing. See, the director said that the RS wasn't going to sing the middle part with the optional accompaniment, so that cut out the confusion as to whether or not I would have to play it. Or so I thought, until a couple of weeks later when the director said that the girls who were in the ward choir would sing that middle part. That only added more confusion, because then I didn't know if I was supposed to play or if the choir pianist was going to play. That confusion seemed to be taken away when we were wandering the halls last week in search of a ride and we overheard the choir director saying to what looked like a somewhat disgruntled choir accompanist, "You don't have to play." We weren't sure if they were talking about Simple Gifts, but I figured it would be wise to keep practicing just in case.

So I practiced. My problem is I have a bad habit of never practicing enough. This is why I like playing for Relief Society, but not for the choir or anyone else who's performing. Because I never practice enough to be able to play it perfectly. The other reason is that the piano in the chapel tends to be harder to play, which probably wouldn't have been as scary if I had made it to Sacrament meeting earlier. When we got there, the director saw me and gestured to me to go to the piano, so that's how I knew for sure I would be playing.

We went over the song one time before we sat down in the congregation. The piano was a lot quieter than I expected, which was a minor problem, because I'm used to having to tone my playing down, since we've always lived in apartments and have had some neighbors who were definitely not happy with my playing. Fortunately, the reason the neighbors don't like my playing is because I like to play loud, so it wasn't too hard to make the adjustment. I did have some pressure added on when, during the rehearsal, I played the middle part and the director stopped everyone so she could tell me I really needed to play that part, the hard part, loud because the singers were relying on me to hear their parts.

And so I made sure to say a little prayer during the Sacrament that I would be able to play at least well enough to not throw the singers off. As the talk before the song came to a close, I got more and more nervous. When I actually got to the piano, my right leg wouldn't stop shaking, which made it very difficult to play calmly and hold down the pedal. But overall, I think it went really well. I accidentally played a wrong chord at the very beginning, but I just counted that as a warm up and started over. I didn't manage to play the piece perfectly, but the only major misses were the one I already mentioned, and one at the very end, which hopefully sounded alright, if not perfect, and wouldn't have messed the singers up because it was just the little piano flourish while everyone held out the last note. Heck, I might be the only one who noticed.

And I figured it would be very ungrateful of me if I didn't express my thanks for the spiritual help I must have received to be able to play the piece mostly right, despite not being able to stop shaking.
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