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Grumpy = caring?

Well, today had some things that made us feel less grumpy and also more grumpy, but not always in that order. First, we ordered some fabric from Jo-Ann's last night, and then realized that the shipping address was wrong. We've had some issues getting it changed over at PayPal. It was too late to call Jo-Ann's, so we called PayPal and got them to finally erase our old address, but we still had to call Jo-Ann's this morning to get them to change or cancel the order. That made us grumpy.

But! we called this morning, and the person there was friendly and said we'd made it in time, they can totally change the address! That made us happy!

Then we got an email saying oops, the order already shipped to the wrong place. But when it gets there, we can refuse to accept it, or just send it back for a full refund! And we're like, "Wow, that's great. I'll just go hang out at my old address four hours away where someone else lives, so I can refuse an order and/or get my money back." And the email addressed me as Karen for some reason. It's mostly just hilarious, but we are pretty bummed that we won't be getting that fabric unless we order it again, and somehow the motivation to do that just isn't as high as it was.

Then we were at Anime New Network and they had a headline that spoiled a world for Kingdom Hearts III! And we're like, "As if your rampant casting spoilers weren't bad enough!" Ugh. We considered just not going to ANN for a while, but then the Kingdom Hearts Facebook page gave us the same spoiler, and I have a difficult time choosing to un-like that page.

But two good(?) things came out of it anyway! First, I realized what it is about Kingdom Hearts news that makes me grumpy, despite loving Kingdom Hearts so very very much. It's like in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, when it talks about her going to a stadium and realizing she's just one speck of a person amid all the thousands of people in the stadium. Kingdom Hearts is really great, and a lot of people love it, and that's great, too, but sometimes the vastness of it makes me feel insignificant. But realizing that helps me not worry about it anymore, because psychology is weird.

And second, and much more petty on our side, the world spoiled was not from the movie that we so strongly dislike. I think we have a weird conditioned response to new developments in things that we like (such as Disneyland and Disney movies) that makes us assume it's going to be influenced by all the stuff happening at Disney that we don't like, instead of the stuff we do like. So the fact that this new world is from a movie that we like a lot reminds me that Kingdom Hearts usually sticks with the elements we tend to really like.

Anyway, we went to the store and got a Reese's cake, so it's all good now.

Today I'm thankful for our store having Reese's cake, now having a Reese's cake of our own, getting to buy an adorable raccoon pillow for Page, finishing our edit of Your Lie in April today, and being done at the computer for today.
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