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We might have updated LiveJournal earlier today, but I was trapped under a kitty. We spent most of the day playing video games, and Page joined us. It was lovely.

Yesterday, we had a Relief Society activity that was called "shop and swap" or "swap and share" or something, but it basically meant bring all the stuff you don't use anymore and see if anybody else in the ward wants if before we give it all to Deseret Industries. We're hoarders, so we don't bring anything, and when they had one last year, we didn't want to take anything because we didn't think it would be fair. But people kept saying, "No, it's fine! Take stuff!" So we took a needlework kit that we haven't touched since. Eh heh heh heh...

This year! somebody brought the bestest plush toy we've ever seen (aside from all the other bestest ones that we've collected), and we snatched it up right away! It's a giant, floppy husky or wolf or some kind of canine animal, but whatever it is, it's awesome. I really should thinking about posting pictures.

Then! we found a thing called "strolling bowling." It's like a travel bowling set! It comes in a little case, which unfolds and attaches to the part with the pins, which are all attached the the floor and can be set up by pushing a little lever. And then there's a little wind-up bowling ball with legs, kind of like Bob-omb from the Super Mario Bros. series, only a bowling ball and not a bomb. So you wind it up and let it walk down the bowling lane, and try to get a strike! It's so cool! We got it to give to our nephews. We still might have plans to make our sisters compete to see who gets it, but they probably won't care as much as Mom, and it's really the most fair to keep it at Grandma's house anyway.

Then somebody decided that we were going to take home a game called "Shut the Box." I don't want to explain it, so here's the Wikipedia article. Only the version we took home was a lot fancier, and I think I saw it in some catalog like for National Geographic or ThinkGeek or something. I'm still not entirely sure how we ended up with it, but the box really is quite lovely.

Finally, a friend of ours from the ward had brought a little miniature Christmas tree advent calendar thing. It's a desktop sized Christmas tree on a stand that has drawers in it, and in December you open one drawer a day. Each drawer has another ornament to put on the tree. And! it spins around and plays "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"! She wanted to make sure it went to a good home, so she insisted that we take it. I thought she might not have asked us that if she knew our Christmas decorating traditions (namely, we don't have any and our home goes entirely undecorated), but now that she's trusted us with it, we will make sure our home is a good one for it.

Today I'm thankful for getting a bunch of neat stuff at the activity last night, getting to spend the day trapped under a kitty, getting to order a pizza for dinner tonight, spotting our uncle in the tv show we were watching (Granite Flats--no one had told us he was in it, so we're glad to know we can still recognize our relatives even though we haven't seen most of them in person for many years), and super awesome giant wolf/husky plushes.
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