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There's a great big beautiful tomorrow♪

We thought about posting our review of Say I Love You 8 yesterday, but then we got distracted by plans. Also, we weren't sure if anyone would be ready to read it, so we might not want to post it for a little while anyway. But the point is, we thought, since we had some free time and we were going to Disneyland anyway, it might not be such a bad idea to go early and A)see if we could get fast passes for World of Color and B)go to the movie theater in Downtown Disney and see Tomorrowland.

So we went to California Adventure, and it was ridiculously crowded, and they had already given out all of the fast passes for World of Color, for both shows. We weren't sure if we wanted to camp out for non-ticketed seats for the earlier show, but when we found out all the tickets for both shows were gone (by one o'clock), we decided we didn't need that kind of crowded madness in our lives. And off we went to the theater!

We decided to see Tomorrowland on the IMAX screen, partly because it worked better with our Wednesdays with Walt schedule, and partly because, as the song states, it's a great big beautiful tomorrow, and it seemed like it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to see it as great big as possible.

I really wish we liked it more than we did, because the theme of the movie is great: feeding pessimism only breeds more negativity and pessimism, and being optimistic and proactive is much more helpful. There's a sequence where Casey (the heroine) is sitting through all her classes at school, and they keep talking about global climate change and unrest all over the world and how everything is just getting worse and worse, and she's got her hand raised the whole time until finally one teacher calls on her and she says, "Can we fix it?" And that's what we always want to ask when we read articles about climate change and social injustice and stuff--they seem to always report that the world is going to hell, but they rarely offer any solutions.

Based on the movie, apparently the solution is the very shojo manga solution of just being your optimistic self. ...And taking all the optimists and hiding them away in a secret dimension. I can kind of see where the first part of the solution is helpful (a positive attitude can go a long way toward lots of good things), but the second part of the solution seems counterproductive, which is one of the reasons we didn't end up liking the movie so much. The other reason is that it was long and actiony, there wasn't a lot of fun character interaction (I mean, there was fun character interaction, but it was disproportionate with the actioniness), and the plot was full of holes.

But the characters were pretty fun when we got to hear from them (except at the beginning--Casey was making me really impatient with all her interruptions; I was like, "He's barely had a chance to tell us anything at all, and you're complaining that he's doing it wrong! Give him a chance to be wrong first!"), and as I said before, we really liked the theme.

And there was a character named Athena. She was a cool enough character that I guess it's okay for her to have that name. But more importantly, there was one fight where, for no discernible reason, she shoves Casey into a guy. It didn't really seem to help in the fight, and normally we'd think it was just an odd directorial choice (choreographic choice?), but, because we, like many people, imagine that the world revolves around us and of course everything is about us, we couldn't help but be reminded of a certain incident at San Diego Comic Con 2009, which I reported on this very LiveJournal, in this post. I will quote the relevant paragraph here:

"...We had another panel we wanted to go to, but we went toward the front of the room on our way out, in case maybe we could say hi to these awesome Disney people. We didn't really get that chance, but there was an interesting incident. I was really super distracted as I was walking along, but Athena noticed a kind of big guy in a Hawaiian shirt in front of me. All she could see was the back of his head, but that head looked a lot like it could belong to John Lasseter. If only she had shoved me into him, we could have had this exchange, 'Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!' 'That's okay.' 'Oh my goodness, you're John Lasseter!' But we don't know what we could have said after that, so maybe it's just as well."

It was crowded enough that possibly no one would have known it wasn't an accident. But the point is, the scene in the movie, especially because the shoving was done by someone with the same name as the potential shover in our story, makes us wonder...

Anyway, we were a little grumpy after the movie because we just didn't really get it, but after thinking about the optimism theme and playing the "great big beautiful tomorrow" song in my head for a while, and eating chocolate, I was feeling pretty good about life.

After that, we went to Wednesdays with Walt, where we saw a behind-the-scenes look at the True Life Adventures series, which are so much more entertaining than the modern DisneyNature films. (Athena: I'm not saying they destroyed that chimpanzee's family for the sake of human entertainment...) ...Okay, that's not entirely fair, because we've still only seen the two, and both of those seem to have been done before Disney came along and said, "Hey, we want a piece of this!" So maybe they got better after Disney stepped in, but we may never find out... (Athena: I'm just saying it's awfully convenient.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Tomorrowland, happy Sherman Brothers songs, brownie sandwiches, it not taking too long to translate UQ Holder today, and getting to make an order from Amazon Japan.
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