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Shortbread and ghosts

Today we ventured into the realms of making shortbread. Why? Because we had no snacks, and the only ingredients we have are flour, sugar and butter. And cocoa and vegetable oil, but they hold no bearing on the story.

And so we made shortbread. We have had one experience in the past making shortbread using a recipe from... I think it was Kirsten's cookbook. It might have been Addy's though. You know, the American girls. (Felicity's movie is airing on Tuesday. I hope it's better than Samantha's was.) Anyway, when we made shortbread before, it didn't turn out very well. I really don't know why. But this time, it turned out very well, and Athena is addicted to it. Okay, so she's not addicted, or there wouldn't be any left.

After we made shortbread, we watched Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy because it was on yet again. And it was on during the time we would have been watching Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune had the crazy network people decided that sports are more important. An interesting note about Danny Phantom and sports--the character Butch Hartman himself said most represents the evil in the "good vs. evil" of Danny Phantom is the one character who is notably obsessed with sports.

Athena just brought up an interesting point, since we keep dwelling on two things about Steve--one that he's obsessed with sports, and two that he has prejudged most cartoons as crap. There's one episode of Danny Phantom where one of the ghosts (we think it was Skulker but we can't remember--what kind of fans are we? Man!) comments about how Dash, the jock, is destined to lead a normal life after high school. She thought about it, and she came up with this thought: How many people in the country know the famous sports legends of a few decades ago? Many of the Jeopardy! greats seem to not do so well on the sports categories, so we're thinking not that many, although we could easily be wrong. But on the other hand, how many people, young and old, around the world know who Mickey Mouse is?

Anyway, going back to The Ultimate Enemy... I really don't think we would have seen it nearly as often as we have if we had been able to record it. As it is, it always happens to be on, so we always happen to watch it. And we have yet to get tired of it. The first three times we saw it, I was a little worried that that might happen, since we had the unfortunate experience of ODing on Pirates of the Caribbean a couple years back. That was probably because people insisted on watching it at times we didn't feel like watching it, but we couldn't have people watching it without us (it was our DVD, after all. And we're psycho). But we were watching TUE for at least the sixth time today, and we were still almost glued to the TV. Good stuff, man. Good stuff.

And tonight I'm thankful for shortbread,, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, and the inspiration of insulation. And I'm going to say that my mood is hot even though I'm freezing (actually, with my blanket, I'm not), because if looking at the cold emoticon makes me cold, then one would think that, logically, looking at the hot emoticon would make me warm.
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