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The Parent Trap

We were optimistic about finishing work today and getting to take tomorrow off, but this translation is taking longer than we'd hoped (not longer than planned, fortunately), so we'll still be working tomorrow. Oh my goodness, the puns in this book.

In the meantime(?), the whole prestige thing from yesterday had me thinking about people's tendency to make a hierarchy out of everything, which reminded me about our "twins in the media" thing, which led us to watch The Parent Trap last night. (And it turned out to be a longer movie than we expected, so we were up later than planned, and now we're tired again. That might be part of why we decided to call it a day instead of trying to finish the translation we're working on, even though we made it about 80% of the way through the edit all in one day.)

It was good. The end.

Seriously, though, I mean it was a Disney movie that was made when Walt was still alive, so odds of us liking it are pretty high already. We'd seen it before, of course, because when you're twins with a Hayley Mills fan for a mother, you can't not have seen The Parent Trap. And yet, I don't think we've seen it very much. Athena remembers being annoyed about it, probably for similar reasons to being annoyed that Kirsten Dunst was born the very same day we were--why is she famous and not us? We never got into the Olsen Twins or Sister Sister, either. I guess the novelty of twins never really occurred to us.

But anyway, I guess the thing about The Parent Trap is that, while the whole twin thing was used as a gimmick (starring Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills!), it was also important enough to the story that the whole thing couldn't possibly have happened if the girls hadn't been twins, so I appreciate that it wasn't just an "aren't twins cool?" thing. Especially because the girls didn't really act differently just for being twins. I'm not sure how to describe it, except to say that their "twinness" wasn't treated as something that affected the way they think, aside from it being what put them in the situation they found themselves in (well, that and their parents' divorce). I guess what I'm trying to say is that they're treated as individuals who happen to be twins, and not as twin stereotypes.

All that aside, this is another movie that makes us think, "How can anyone ever think that Walt Disney didn't respect women?" It's true that Maggie had what might be considered typical "crazy woman" traits, but they seemed to attribute that more to her being Irish than to her being female. And it was totally the women running the show through that whole movie--Mitch was just being controlled and manipulated for almost the whole thing.

Today I'm thankful for being done with work for today, making good progress despite a disheartening setback toward the beginning, tres leches brigadeiros ice cream, somehow finding ways to deal with those puns, and the pretty flowers outside our apartment.
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