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Day of rest

I feel like this Sunday has been productive somehow. It started this morning when Athena woke up not stressed out of her mind, despite the fact that the choir was scheduled to perform today, and as of last week, they were woefully in need of more practice. She still didn't want to go to choir practice, though. We managed to get it to sound pretty okay before church, but then the talks were going so long that the bishop decided to cancel the performance. Then he had second thoughts about it (Athena was sitting right behind him, so they had whispered conversations during the meeting), and said it was up to Athena, and she decided it would be awesome if we could practice it more before performing it. So that's what they decided to do, but the talks were all very good, so hopefully no one was too upset that the choir didn't sing.

On the way home, we talked with the people who gave us a ride, one of whom is in the choir, and discussed possible reactions to the sudden lack of a choir number. It was kind of like this: Member of the Congregation 1: "Wasn't there supposed to be a choir number?" Choir Member: "Yeah, there was. Didn't you hear it? You must have zoned out; I know, we all let our minds wander sometimes. It's a real shame, though, that was the best choir performance I'd heard in a long time. Right up there with the Tabernacle Choir." Of course we would never do that (without confessing to our joke immediately afterward), but it was fun to pretend.

After church, we called Mom as usual, and while we talked, we put together some of our new 3D puzzles. Those things are so addicting! And we just got some payments, so it's a good thing we're going to go to Disneyland tomorrow and forget all about it. Until we come back and see the new Mickey Mouse and Bambi figures on our shelf. Oh man, but they're so cute, and so fun to put together, and so sparkly!

Funny story about that. The third of the 3D puzzles we ordered (that arrived about two weeks ago) was a castle one, which we had to get because castle! And we were like, "That's so weird that they sell the pirate ship one at Disneyland but not the castle. I mean, hello, it's a castle. Disneyland? Castle? It's a no-brainer." Then we went to Disneyland on Wednesday and looked at all the shiny new 60th anniversary merchandise...including a 3D crystal puzzle of a castle, with fancy Disneyland 60th anniversary packaging. We think it's the same puzzle, but in shinier packaging. Athena's reaction was, "Wow, it didn't take that long for us to make these things popular."

And then I finished reading Urakata volume one while Athena practiced on her fife! Tadah! And next we're going to apply some new Jamberries! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting to put together some shiny new puzzles, the beautiful weather we had today, not having to walk home from church even though we stayed late, having time to do extra fun stuff, and having plans to go to the temple on Thursday.
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