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Another busy Saturday. But this week, Athena got her fifes in the mail, so we're hoping to have a little time to practice music. That being the case, this entry is going to be very short. But, in order to give it some substance, I can talk about the new show we started watching.

Mom called the other day and said she's been watching Granite Flats, and she wanted to talk about it, but we hadn't seen it at all. So she asked what we were watching, and we said Danny Phantom, as has been mentioned previously. And she said, "Put a pause on Danny Phantom--" and we couldn't even hear the next part, because we were like, "What." ...Just kidding, she said, "Put a pause on Danny Phantom and watch Granite Flats." And we were like, "You want us to stop watching Danny Phantom? But it's our only joy in life!" ...Also just kidding. I mean, kidding about it being our only joy in life. We did really say that to Mom. And Danny Phantom is one of the things that we looked forward to a lot, and we were like, "There ain't no way we're going to not watch Danny Phantom." At least not until we get all the way through it again.

And of course, we didn't watch Danny Phantom that day anyway, because it was Wednesday and we went to Disneyland to watch the fireworks show. I'm not sure we made the best decision, but I'm glad we've seen the fireworks.

Anyway, we decided to compromise and watch both. So far we've seen two episodes of Granite Flats, and my current opinion of it is that it keeps hinting at interesting things happening, but so far nothing has actually piqued my interest. But some shows are slow to get started, so we're going to keep going with it. It's about a kid and his mom who moved to Granite Flats in the early 60s (we think) after the father died in the line of duty as a pilot. And there's a bunch of mysteries going on in the town at the same time, that start with the appearance of strange metal that seems to have fallen out of the sky. The characters seem interesting enough, but somehow they seem not to be in it so much yet.

Today I'm thankful for getting those fifes, getting the books we were waiting for, getting our chores done, getting to watch new episodes of Mako Mermaids, and nobody getting hurt (that we know of) in the manhunt (I think that's what it was) at our apartment.
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