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Taking off early

We finished work early today, and now our workload has gone from four deadlines in three weeks to two deadlines in two weeks. Yay! We're going to reward ourselves by leaving for Wednesdays with Walt early. If we're really lucky, we'll get to see the changes they made to Peter Pan's Flight and the Matterhorn. I don't think we're leaving early enough for Peter Pan, but the Matterhorn has a single rider line, so I have hope. Also, the manga we were translating featured a wendigo, so I'm all geared up to see the new abominable snowman stuff.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, our schedule looking more manageable, getting to spend extra time at Disneyland today, getting shipping confirmations on the other items we ordered from Amazon, and remembering to pack the cotton candy money (even though we probably won't use it until next week).
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