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I'm posting today in an attempt to stop falling off the LiveJournal bandwagon...although Athena points out that it's not really a "band"wagon at this point, so much as a little wagon with a couple of people on it who are clinging desperately to a bygone age, or something like that. But anyway, the problem is I don't know what to post about. I have a couple of things I want to talk about in the future, but today isn't really a good day for that, because those things involve thinking, and today's not a good day for thinking.

We did have plans today, which mostly involved talking to people on the phone. And we did talk to people on the phone! But not the people we were planning to talk to. We were planning to talk to Mom and our little sister, but instead we talked to Dad and a woman from church. Dad called because there's a family reunion in Utah the very same weekend as all our deadlines. Of course we knew about it for a long time and we wanted to go, but we kept being busy and we never made it a priority and now the time has come to have our plans mostly figured out...and instead I agreed to play the piano for a baptism in our stake that weekend. So I was feeling a little crummy about that phone call, because we haven't seen Dad in a couple of years, and he was looking forward to seeing us. I think there's still a chance of making it happen if we really want to, but it would be even more stressful than it already would have been.

Anyway. After that, we called a woman in our ward because she had to leave choir practice before we made the final decision about whether or not we're going to perform next week, and we wanted to let her know. Actually, I was pretty annoyed by her attitude as she left, but I know it just comes from human weakness and the need for friends. So we called her, and her attitude was mostly similar, so even though the conversation was pleasant overall, I really needed to vent afterward. And now I just need to find something cheery. So we're off to do just that!

Today I'm thankful for the hot chocolate (how do I differentiate the beverage from the solid candy without the word "hot"? chocolate beverages? drinking chocolate is already taken... chocolate milk? that's technically what it is; we just heated it up first, and it happens to not have an extra flavor this time like "vanilla creme" or "mint" or whatever) waiting for us in the refrigerator, getting to read a little more of one of Grandpa's books, getting pastries after church, having backup alto plans, and getting to spend time with Page.
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