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Today has been a very strange day so far. And the fact that it's only noon and we woke up at 9:30 makes me wonder what the rest of the day has in store for us.

First, there was some good news! Well, actually it's not really that great news, because there's not a whole lot that we can do about it. CD Japan is having an overstocked sale. This would normally be very good, since they've got some DVDs that we want on sale for only slightly more than the cost of a CD. But it was actually bittersweet news, because it would probably be a bad idea to buy anything from CD Japan right now, and even if we did buy the DVDs, we wouldn't be able to watch them. *sniffle*

Then we got an e-mail from Mom's husband. He wants us to cook dinner for her on Mother's Day. This is very bad news for two reasons. One, we were hoping to avoid Mother's Day this year. We have our reasons, but that doesn't make us any better as daughters, I know. Still, that's what we wanted. Two, we don't cook. And, as Athena points out, Mom is a carnivore, and, germophobes that we are, we try to avoid raw meat. And now that that man has brought up the idea, we have to come up with something else or we might very well be disowned. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.

Bitter? Us? I don't know what you're talking about.

And then we go to to check out the latest anime news and find out that TokyoPop has a couple of really good new titles. At first this sounded like good news, and then we came back to reality and realized that if TokyoPop's letting people know they have them, it means they already have translators on them. And those translators obviously are not us. Our one hope was that they got the information from, and weren't sure how likely it was to pan out. Apparently they don't realize TokyoPop has a website; you'd think they'd check there. We did, and found out that TokyoPop does indeed have those serieses.

There was actually no chance of us getting either of those serieses, as they're coming out in October, and the time to be working on October releases was the time we were working like mad on Saiyuki and Fruits Basket. Still, it's very sad that Kingdom Hearts has eluded us once again. *sniffle*

Then they replaced an episode of our tv show with an infomercial, and then the phone rang, sending Oreo into hiding, which was especially sad because one, he was brave enough to be out in the living room early in the day, and two, when I answered the phone I got a dialtone.

The good news, brought to us by Celeste, is that the first season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete will be coming out on DVD in May.

So maybe now that the bad stuff's out of the way, there will be lots of happy things. We still have to respond to that e-mail though, but I'm not sure what to do about that, as I don't want to reveal to him our new e-mail address.
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