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It's been another week of no manga releases for us, so we didn't post a review yesterday. It's kind of weird, because I feel like we've written a ton of reviews (we still need to write one for Chaika 3...), but we keep not posting any. Maybe one week there will be an explosion and one volume from every series we work on will hit bookstore shelves! Or not.

Anyway, focus hasn't quite been a thing today, so we're taking advantage of our extended deadlines to not work anymore. We finally got a deadline for another new title, and we started talking with the boss about it weeks ago, so it was always one of those clouds looming in the distance that we decided not to think about until we had to. So we have deadlines coming up on June 3, 5, 8, and 9, so we thought it would be really funny (and doomful) if it was due on the 4th or the 6th. But fortunately for everyone(?), it's not due until the 26th! Woohoo!

But more importantly, at Wednesdays with Walt yesterday, they had a special feature on Goofy, and you know what that means! Bill Farmer! (He's the voice of Goofy and all around pretty awesome guy.) He told the story of how he got to be Goofy, which basically involved growing up in a small town in Kansas, liking to do funny voices and impressions as a kid, getting into show business, and one day landing the role. Tadah! He tells it much funnier (part of his journey involved a few years as a stand-up comic), but I can't do all the voices, so. One thing he kept saying throughout the presentation was, "I was a really weird kid," and that struck me as a bit odd, because I thought everybody liked to goof around and be funny. But I probably have a skewed idea of what "everyone" likes. Anyway, the point is, he embraced his weirdness, and now he's played an iconic character for almost 30 years. So don't worry too much about being weird.

The question and answer session was really short, so I'll just talk about the two things I remember the most. First, someone asked him what his favorite project to work on was, and he said it was A Goofy Movie (April 7, 1995). He likes it for two reasons: first, because it was a theatrical release, he got to see a huge positive reaction from the public. And second and much more importantly, his son was five years old at the time it came out, and was having an extremely meta experience about the whole thing, because he knew his dad was Goofy, but he wasn't quite sure where the line was. So after Mr. Farmer took his son to see the movie, they came out of the theater and he turns to ask him how he liked it, and the little boy is crying. Upon further inquiry, the boy explained that in the scene where Goofy goes over the waterfall, he got really scared because he thought Goofy was his dad. Awwwwwww♥♥♥

The other main thing I remember involved (what else?) Kingdom Hearts. Someone had asked earlier what the difference was between cartoon projects and video game projects and I don't remember what the answer to that was (Athena says it was mostly just that video games are longer and more involved, especially games like Kingdom Hearts), but I remembered that he mentioned Kingdom Hearts. Rick Dempsey, the guy in charge of Disney Character Voices and who was there to introduce Mr. Farmer (he was kind of the MC, but Bill Farmer kind of MC'd himself), also remembered that Kingdom Hearts had been mentioned to much cheering from the audience, so he asked Mr. Farmer to repeat the story he had just told to the previous Wednesdays with Walt crowd (we were at the second of three presentations).

And so Bill Farmer told us a little about the surreality of dubbing Kingdom Hearts games. See, he's the official voice of Goofy, and apparently there is an instructional video that Disney sent around for the benefit of the international voices of Goofy, which he recorded the voice for. And I guess for reference(?), when recording dubs, they pump the original Japanese track into the voice actors' headphones. So there he was, listening to a guy who learned how to voice Goofy from him, for reference on how to voice Goofy. We kind of wanted to speak up there and say, "You don't need to listen to the Japanese voice for reference! Only to know where to pause!" And maybe not even then, depending on how the translation went.

He also talked about how odd the Japanese voice of Goofy sounds, and we'll admit, it took some getting used to for us, too. He did a couple of impressions of the Japanese voice, and it almost made me want to back-translate his default Kingdom Hearts Goofy line so he could use that next time. He said Goofy's distinctive laugh was the most surreal thing to listen to, because it's almost mechanical, and he did an impression of that, too, and here's the interesting thing about that: almost immediately after that, they showed us some cartoons with the original original voice of Goofy (Pinto Colvig). And there was one (I don't remember which one it happened in) where Goofy laughed, and it sounded exactly like Bill Farmer's impression of Yuu Shimaka's Goofy laugh. So obviously Shimaka-san has done a lot of research in addition to the instructional video.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Bill Farmer at Wednesdays with Walt, our new deadline not being as scary as it could have been, getting to go on Soarin' before they kicked everybody out of California Adventure for their fancy private World of Color party, making pretty decent progress on work considering our lack of focus, and it being time to stop working now (but I still have to write a Chaika review).
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