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Shooting a man in the middle of his credenza?

I feel like everybody was doing Christmas-y type stuff today but us. We wanted to. We had this plan to walk over to Big Lots! today and see how much it would cost us to get a fake Christmas tree, but that plan fell through when we ran out of money. We should have dressed Kirsten and Molly up though. I guess that's what we get for worshipping video games.

We didn't spend the entire day playing video games, though. We actually spent some time working! This was partly because we didn't want to be slackers and partly because we were thinking we might want to join a fansubbing group to translate Happy Seven so everybody could see it, and we realized that we have about a bazillion other projects we're working on at the same time. And by a bazillion, I mean four.

We watched the new Nicktoon today. I don't remember the exact title, just that it's got X in it. The X's, or something. The commercials showed promise ("You're license to kill does not include your little brother!"), and yet... Maybe we just caught a bad episode. Still, Butch Hartman wins.

Anyway, the show wasn't enough to satisfy our weekly need to watch something that's animated and in English, so we decided it was a good opportunity to watch Disney's Peter Pan. Watching it, I'm a little surprised this one is allowed to be released and Song of the South isn't, but I really don't know enough about politically correctness.

Peter is adorable, of course. And now everything I wanted to say about Peter Pan has been forgotten in the depressingness of Peter's voice actor's life story, since we just looked him up on IMDb. Let's see...

The animation is amazing, I say as if I've never seen Peter Pan before. It's been several years, though. One thing I've noticed in all our watching of cartoons is that it seems to be very difficult to animate people flying. It's actually something I was thinking about last week when we watched the Peter Pan play, because it seems like something that would be really hard to act out. And I seem to remember watching something the other day where they were trying, and not really succeeding, to animate flying, but now I can't remember what it was or what the problem was. Maybe there was a perspective problem?

Anyway, it's really fun to watch Peter move. He's such a boy. And, like with Final Fantasy VIII, there are so many little details, only this time there's more of them because it's a movie and not a video game. There was just one bit that really left an impression when Peter jumps out the window and kind of tilts a little before he straightens himself out to fly to Neverland. I thought it was neat. And Wendy is such a girl, too. It's fun to notice all the little things she does with her hands that are so girly.

And I just realized why I never got good grades on my analysis essays.

And apparently the kid who played John was in one of the xXx movies.

On a completely different note, if Squall is like the grand high leader of Balamb Garden, can't he just declare himself rank 12,942 and pay himself a million gil for every however many steps it is?

Tonight I'm thankful for Christmas CDs, my Disneyland socks, Mr. Smee, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, and Pat Morita, even though we never saw the Karate Kid.
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