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We were hoping to finish our first draft of Chaika 3 today, knowing full well that the possibility was small. But it turns out we made even less progress than our plan B, because we decided to take some time out to chat with our sister. So I think our time was spent much better than if we'd just worked, but it does set us back some as far as meeting deadlines. Ha, ha, ha. That's okay; it'll all work out, I'm sure.

Normally we'd post a review today (since it's Wednesday), but we got all caught up on reviews last week, and nothing we translated came out this week. Sigh. Unless you count Chapter 11 of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, but we didn't think to write a review of that. In fact, I think we translated it before we were writing reviews at all. Let me see if I can remember something about it...




Nope. I know Silver Mask is in it! But that's only because Kodansha posted a preview, and Silver Mask was in the preview. We weren't even sure it was a bit we translated until we checked it against our script--that's how little we remember the details. Not that we don't like the series, just that it was such a short chapter, and I think we translated it late at night, and we have so many other things going on that it's easy for certain memories to fall into the cracks. But anyway, in order to check the translation against our script, we only needed, like, two lines, and that's not really enough to remember anything by. All I remember now is that one line was "I told you time and time again," and I only remember that because I thought, "Oh, that sounds good! I'm so glad somebody thought to translate it that way!"

Anyway, now we're waiting for Gaston, who should be here any minute, and then we will disappear from the internet until probably Friday.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to our sister and nephew, getting to work on Chaika today even if we didn't make much progress, making a pretty decent amount of progress for the amount of time we spent on it, having our crystal puzzle pirate ship displayed on our desk, and having plans to see the new things at Disneyland.
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