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We got home from church and we were all ready and excited to call Mom and sing to her for Mother's Day, but before we could get to it, we got a text from someone in that household saying that they were going to take a nap and don't call. The text claimed they would call later, but they never do. So now we're just killing time and wondering if we should call anyway. Sigh.

In the meantime, we have developed a minor obsession with crystal puzzles. We bought a pirate ship one at Disneyland for our birthday, and we put it together and it was really cool and a lot of fun. And! it came with a little piece of paper that has pictures of a bunch of other crystal puzzles that are available, and they're all so sparkly and 3D-puzzly. And there's a panda! And it reminds us of Panda from Polar Bear's Cafe.

So we wanted to go online and order them all! But there are so many other things we want to order, too, like import DVDs and CDs and manga and sheet music and musical instruments and passports and things. But since we just finished our pirate ship one, it was on our minds, so we gave into the temptation and went to the website listed on the paper. But the website ( didn't have all the ones on the paper! And that probably isn't really a problem, because we don't need all of them right away, but it bothered us, so we went to Amazon.

And at Amazon, we discovered that there was a Chip & Dale puzzle! And we've been developing a bit of an attachment to Chip & Dale lately, but that one wasn't on the piece of paper, so we were like, "Hey, what's the deal?" Well, apparently some Amazon sellers are importing the puzzles from Japan. What. The puzzles were from Japan all along? Well that explains why they're so awesome. We have to get them all! They have an Ariel one! And a super cute Stitch one!

But! we decided that we want the puzzles to grow in popularity, so we went back to the website on the paper and ordered from them. We're hoping that people suddenly start buying them a lot, so that they bring even more to the States! And now we have ordered a Mickey Mouse, a Bambi, and a castle.

And speaking of ordering things from the internet that we don't need, we recently ordered a bunch of new Jamberry nail wraps from Sarah, even though we haven't applied the first ones we got! So our planned activity for today is to decorate our fingernails. You may or may not wonder why we couldn't do that while killing time, but it's an activity that is so foreign to us that it is not a "time killing" activity. We need to know we have a significant amount of uninterrupted time for it. Wish us luck!

Today I'm thankful for having more 3D puzzles on the way (or at least ordered; we ordered on the weekend, so they haven't shipped yet), getting a ride home from church even though almost everybody evaporated after third hour (we hung around in the hopes that somebody might be kind enough to show up for choir practice; no such luck), Oven Baked Ruffles, having pretty nail wraps to hopefully apply today, and Mom sending us a picture of Logan at his first Mother's Day Primary performance.
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