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Brownies and ice cream

Now that we're under the illusion that we don't have to do our job on Saturdays, we're busy doing chores! But we're super lazy, so we only did chores for a little while. But the place looks slightly better! Woohoo!

...Anyway. We went to the grocery store, and we had just had some feedback on a thing we're translating. Getting feedback makes us grumpy because we can't take criticism very well, and the bonus side-effect of that is that we convince ourselves that the person giving the feedback isn't as smart as they clearly (in our not-good-sports perspective) think they are. Also, this particular bit of feedback contained some of the text and all the changes that were made without bothering to say anything to us. Doing that is fine, because we don't want to hear about it, but now that we have heard about it, we're back to our usual, "What do they even need us for anyway?" blues.

In short, we were sad because we felt like we don't matter. But keep reading before you comment with words of encouragement, because that's not the point of this story. The point is, we spent the whole time walking to and from the store talking about how we want to matter, and we want to do something cool, and blah blah blah, and it wasn't until we were almost home that we remembered what happened at the store and how it may be significant.

When we got to the store, we were going for a shopping cart, and a girl came up to us with a pan of brownies and offered us each one. They were free but the kids offering them were hoping for donations because they're trying to raise money to fight MNT, or maternal and neonatal tetanus. From what little we know of tetanus, it's pretty bad whatever kind it is, but I don't trust food that isn't prepackaged or from a kitchen I know, so we said no to the brownies and that we would donate when we came out of the store with some cash.

After we bought our groceries, we did come out of the store with cash, which I handed to the kids. I didn't want to bother with change or anything, so we just gave them twenty dollars, which is the minimum standard amount you can get cash back for at the grocery store register. The kids were all like, "Gasp! Really?" And they started calculating how many babies it was going to save, and they were sooooo excited! And I'm not trying to brag.

The point is this: we hardly even thought twice about giving that money to those kids (who insisted we take some brownies after all, which we did, and they were pretty good and so far we haven't seen any adverse side effects), and even after all that gratitude, we were busy moping about how nobody likes us wah wah wah. But then we remembered how excited those kids were, and we thought, you know, people probably influence others a lot more than they realize. And maybe it seems like we don't matter because we're not rich and famous or something, but even the little things can mean a lot to someone.

And I want to sum that up in a cool little motto or something, but I'm not good at coming up with those things. The point is, it may seem like you don't matter, but you always do! ...Or something like that.

Today I'm thankful for those cute kids giving away pastries for donations (how awesome is that--these kids were probably middle/high school age, and they were giving up their Saturday to work to raise money for a cause they believe in), Ghirardelli's minis being on sale, Ben & Jerry's ice cream being on sale (there's a story; stay tuned!), having some chores done, and our new jamberries coming in the mail.

As for the Ben & Jerry's situation. Two weeks ago, they had some new flavors that were all on sale, probably to promote the new flavors. We immediately saw the Peanut Buttah Cookie Core ice cream and decided to get it for ourselves for our birthday, and then we saw that they had The Tonight Dough, which we've been wanting to try ever since we saw the sketch about it on Facebook (not because of the sketch, but because it sounded like an awesome flavor). But we already had our ice cream, so we decided to simplify our lives by not buying more or wasting time trying to decide which one we really wanted. Maybe we'd get The Tonight Dough next week if it was still on sale.

So then last week, when we were still celebrating our birthday, we went to the store, and it WAS still on sale! Woohoo! ...But there was only one carton left! Nooooooooooooooooo!!! We could just get the one carton and another flavor, but then we'd have to decide who gets which flavor, or if we should split them, and that would be a pain in the neck, it's so much easier to just grab a spoon and eat right out of the carton, but sharing that way would just be too annoying. So we were sad and got some Hello Panda and Hershey's Snacksters in protest.

Then we went to the store today...and they had a lot more Tonight Dough! And it was on sale again! And it was an even better deal!! Yaaaaaay!! And that's our happy ice cream story.
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